The One Thing that could Unite Us All

June, 2022 Barak Lurie

Today I want to talk to you about unity.

Imagine first, however, that you have a choice of going into only one of two conference rooms in one of those big lavish hotels. In Conference Room A, there might be a whole bunch of men that are more or less my age — who are lawyers, who do my kind of work, who live more or less within a 10 mile radius of where I live. Maybe they also like mountain biking too.

In Conference Room B, it’s the same number of people. The conference room is the same size. However, the people inside are from all walks of life. They’re old and young. They’re black and white. They’re from Asia, there’s Native Americans… perhaps they have many different hobbies. Some like knitting, some people like mountain biking, but there’s only one thing that they all have in common — and that is that they all love God.

God is a very big part of their lives in every other respect. They’re quite different from a standpoint of culture interests. Which conference room would you rather go to? For me, the answer is very simple: I’d rather be in Conference Room B. The fact that I might be in a conference room with a whole bunch of people who share a lot of similar interests to me and also are in the same profession and so forth — the same age, that’s of little interest to me. I’m much more passionate about God. That is what unites us.

We live in a time where you have a lot of people talking about how we should all unite. Every time there is a political candidate who becomes president, he says, “Now is the time to unite.” But we all know that that will never happen. They will resist him. But the one thing that will unite us all is the one thing we seem to ignore. If indeed we could all embrace God in the way that we used to embrace God in the 50s, and yes even the early 60s, our country would certainly grow morally, spiritually and even economically.

Without God, today we are seeing the fracturing of society. Hardly the unity that so many political leaders claim to want but can never get. The one glue that could unite us is the glue of God. Until we do that, we will see more fracturing, more balkanizing of interests, and people in constant conflict with one another. Dare I say, that until we get God back into the picture, we can never have that truly united love for this country and for the ambitions of liberty and freedom that we expect for all of us. But what we do need is an embrace of the Judeo-Christian God back into American culture. With that, we will truly have the unity and it’s the only way the only thing that truly unites us all.