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Nov 27,2022

THEME: what the Sam Bankman-Fried story reveals about us, and what we can learn; Shooter in the LGBT, nightclub killing spree was apparently non-binary himself–oops!; Protests in China all over the country for the past three days; Jean Pierre spokeswoman’s disastrous response to Covid question at press conference; Attorney General Garland names an obviously biased Jack Smith as special counsel against Trump; DeSantis versus Trump; Trump makes a major misstep by having anti-Semite Nick Fuentes as a guest to his Mar-a-Lago home; CBS finally announces that the Hunter Biden laptop is real; Republicans will investigate the origins of Covid, the Afghanistan pull out debacle, the open border crisis, and of course Hunter and Joe
Biden influence peddling; Arizona election disaster needs to be pursued; UN pursues “climate reparations”; new study tries to undermine the positive effects of veganism; Alarming new study shows average sperm count has gone down 62% in the past 50 years.

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Nov 20,2022

THEME: the Covid shutdown showed us who we really are – – and what we might have done (or not have done) during the Holocaust, the Jim Crow era, eugenics, etc. And shame on any of us who did not resist; Trump announces his candidacy – – and the left sees it as a diversion; Paul Pelosi story unravels; FTX cryptocurrency disaster; Biden loan forgiveness program goes nowhere, and shows that it was only a political stunt to (successfully) gain young voters; Gingrich starts questioning how we could have lost the midterms so badly with at least 5 million more ballots for conservatives; governors who oppose Covid lockdowns saw a major rises of victory margins in 2022; Garland appoints a special counsel to go after Trump – – after Congress announces it will go after Hunter Biden; Chuck Schumer suddenly is concerned about population decline – – but he has a solution to it!; Bibi Netanyahu wins by a landslide; Chloe Cole, former transgendered girl, sues for the wrongs upon her. May this be the beginning of a major trend; Three gay men legally adopt a child; the end of Nancy Pelosi as congressional leader.

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Nov 13,2022

THEME: what we can learn from the midterms, and how the Republicans can learn for the next time; Possibility of fraud in the midterms, particularly from Arizona and Nevada; the Trump effect; Florida’s otherwise fantastic red tsunami and what it tells us; Biden doubles down on his agenda; Finally: A Silver Lining?

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Nov 06,2022

Theme: they call us “deniers,” but they are the ones who deny reality – – the border, crime, inflation, and otherwise; midterm elections go into full gear; Stacey Abrams and Kathy Hochul deny reality of crime and just about everything else; Pelosi attack gets exposed a bit more – – and MSNBC has to pull their own story when it does not fit the narrative; Covid follies; department of homeland security appears to suppress voices, almost gleefully; an intruder breaks into Barak’s show but makes Barak’s point for him.

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Oct 30,2022

Theme: We’re not polarized–the Democrats are creating polarizing issues; Assailant attack on Paul Pelosi; Elon Musk takes over Twitter and the left goes crazy; More covid developments–including Alberta doctor calling for investigation of 80 deaths of young doctors; New York judge strikes down city mandate for all city workers–too little, too late?; Mid-term follies–Fetterman debate disaster, Biden thinks he brought down gas prices and AOC thinks inflation is because of those greedy Wall Street guys; Hochul doesn’t understand why crime is important, and Hillary says Republicans are going to ‘steal’ the 2024 election; Pete Buttigieg has built a footbridge in TX, which he claims will end racism; Liberals force transgender curricula and parents have no right to complain; You never see studies of transgendered people who went through their surgeries and who now feel complete.

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Oct 23,2022

THEME: the Democrats are doing this on purpose; they do not care about the midterms; Fauci being investigated for trying to collude with social media to censor speech on Covid; diesel shortage awaits; AOC does a dance during a Townhall meeting; Joe Biden and his handlers do not see the issues.

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Oct 16,2022

THEME: get out of your school system. Your fears about what leaving might do to the kids are not warranted; Democrats still push the January 6 garbage –– and no one is paying attention to it.; Timing of subpoenaing Trump is very suspicious; Meanwhile, Biden tried to delay Saudia Arabia’s oil production cuts by a month for political reasons; fallout from LA city council racist comments; Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat party–– harbinger of things to come among many other Democrats? Barak gives Republicans huge favorable odds in midterms; AOC holds a meeting, and virtually nobody comes; More on the madness of wokism, transgenderism, and a new conservative dating app the left is angry about: “The Right Stuff”; Bill Maher now looks back on the Covid shutdown and sees the disaster it has created: if only he had done so in the very beginning.

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Oct 09,2022

Theme: we better diagnose our social crises now, or we will die as a civilization. Transgender madness continues – – Vermont HA girls are not allowed even in their own locker room, to please the biological male who demands being there; Planned Parenthood gets creative and its nonstop effort to kill babies; Boston Children’s Hospital thinks babies know their sex even in the womb; The Dems attack Herschel Walker; Trump pursues CNN for defamation; Biden declares the United States capable of doing anything, except being able to get OPEC to increase oil production.

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Oct 02,2022

Theme: the Democrats are always about “saving” you – – from climate change, fromfascism, from Covid; Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get the support she thinks she’ll get in NewYork pro-green Climate festival — Barak thinks that this is a sign of weak base supportamong the Democrats; Woke movies failing horribly, while Top Gun: Maverick beatsout Titanic in only 19 weeks; New conservative Italian Prime Minister wins by alandslide– and Joe Biden perceived this as Italy’s return to fascism; Gavin Newsomallows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers license; Kamala Harris says sending illegalsto blue states is “inhumane,” and she might be right– those blue states AREdangerous; Hurricane Ian gets politicized; Biden says best thing for hurricane victims todo is get vaccinated – – huh?; Nordstream 2 gets blown up, and we don’t know whodid it; Abortion follies – – again; Biden walks back the loan forgiveness program; Thetransgender movement represents one of the most dangerous movements of our time.

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Sep 25,2022

Theme: it’s time to stand up; Hillary compares Trump to Hitler, and a new messaging of labeling Republicans as threats to democracy is apparent; New York Attorney General goes after Trump; teen killed because of his alleged “extremist” views; Newsom pretends that immigration crisis is not happening, but still taunts Texas and Florida governors; Newsom dumps green energy bills in us, to the inevitable destruction of the economy; the Fed raises interest rates by 75 basis points– – opening up the parachute a bit too late.; Callers talk about the protests in Iran – – will the Biden administration do anything about it?

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