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Aug 07,2022

THEME: five assumptions of the economy which are just wrong; the inflation reduction act is about to pass – – and will do exactly the opposite of what it pretends; monkeypox is it largely male gay disease, but the leftist base cannot abide and wants to “democratize” monkeypox instead; Covid shenanigans – – a hospital has to pay out millions for mandating employees to get the vaccine; the WHO and the Lancet finally acknowledge that the virus likely came out of a lab; Trump is running again, but the left has to invent a narrative as to why; Nancy Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan – – laudable or contemptible?

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Jul 31,2022

Theme: The modern history of “Truth,“ and do we learn from it; The monkeypox virus on the heels of Covid; Senator Manchin agrees to build back better new bill; To reduce inflation, you spend more? Democrats can’t deal with the fact of recession, so they redefine it; January 6 committee secret service texts were hidden; News that President Trump had actually authorized the National Guard on Jan 6, but the Democrats pushed back; Abortion is only pro-death, not pro-choice; Congresswoman Linda Sanchez flips the bird to Republicans — and then lies about the reason. 

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Jul 24,2022

Theme: The imperfection of religion as a bizarrely high standard; Biden positive for Covid, taking a therapeutic; Biden considering national emergencies for abortion and climate — why now?; Biden’s poll numbers plummeting even among Hispanics; What to take away from the attempted attack upon candidate Zeldin; Good Samaritan who shoots and kills would-be mass shooter in Greenwood Park Mall–puts a fly in the ointment of the leftist narrative against guns; AOC fakes being arrested–and will never have to pay for it; Colbert staffers pretend to assault Capitol and will never have to pay for it; DC and NY Mayors suddenly cry about illegal immigration flooding into their cities; New depression study pours water on the whole pharmaceutical depression industry. 

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Jul 17,2022

Theme: It doesn’t take much to be above average – – and it doesn’t take much to be a good president; Protests and AOC – – she can’t live by her own message; Elizabeth Warren says pregnancy centers must go and are torture chambers; Biden‘s strange visit to Saudi Arabia; Biden thinks he’s inventing the “Jerusalem for all“ agenda; Democrats are terrified of Trump; why Twitter has to sue Musk – – Not that they will win; inflation spikes to 9.1%, but the White House wants to ignore it; January 6 committee fizzles; no sympathy from Britney Griner; Ohio rape story has some holes

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Jul 10,2022

Theme: the need to exercise discretion in all aspects of civilization; more abortion fallout – – Biden attempts to issue an executive order; it’s apparently OK to harass a justice at a restaurant – – so long as it’s not violent!; questions about the 10-year-old right victim story; The January 6 story appears to be falling apart; American public seems uninterested in supporting Ukraine anymore – – if it comes at the expense of ruining the economy; WNBA star expects special treatment even though she brought drugs to Russia — why?; storekeeper defends himself against a violent man who may have killed him, and it’s all about him being the criminal somehow. Why? Because the attacker was black.

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Jul 03,2022

Theme: The real reason why they push late term abortions; Democrats continue their
unhinged tirade against the Dobbs decision: Warren and AOC insist on getting rid of the Court – or packing it; Hutchison testimony is a hearsay farce; Other decisions from the Supreme Court: EPA, school prayer, and the “Remain in Mexico” policy; One million more Democrats register to become Republicans.

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Jun 26,2022

Theme: the consequences of Roe v. Wade and how it changed our culture – – sex, relationships, and marriage; Abortion decision fallout and calls for “rage”: not what conservatives would do or have ever done with their causes; The left’s outrage completely ignores adoption as an option, which highlights the fake nature of their argument: Other Supreme Court decisions, including the overturning of New York’s gun law and Maine’s refusal to allow parents to apply credits to religious schools.

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Jun 19,2022

Ranan R. Lurie (1932 – 2022), father extraordinaire. RIP. THEME: Christianity as synonymous with white nationalism? This is the new mantra you will be hearing soon; Will Joe run again in 2024? Kamala Harris has the answer to abortion debate; Fed raises interest rates by 75 points; Fauci thinks royalties to his companies and organizations don’t matter; we’ve painted ourselves into a corner, energy wise; be a good father by being there.

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Jun 12,2022

Guest Host Mark Isler; Tribute to the life of Ranan Lurie; The Uvalde shooting and the police response; CA election results–Chesa Boudin recalled. Is Gascon next?; Liz Cheney is destroying her families legacy; Are we living in a Banana Republic?; Mark reads the Declaration of Independence; Taking our country back from the tyrants.

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Jun 05,2022

Theme: The Left only sees the last effect, never anything before; “Top Gun” as a great example of how the public rejects wokeism; concerns about the impending recession; Ukraine concerns; the impact of the Johnny Depp case; Barak gives his take on “2000 Mules.”

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