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Feb 26,2023

Theme: We all need to be part of civilization, although many are losing the sense; Supreme Court weighs in on algorithms by Twitter and Facebook but suggests maybe they shouldn’t, because they’re not experts on internet matters; Pete Buttigieg desperately tries to explain his lateness to the game in East Palestine; Woody Harrelson calls Big Pharma the new drug cartels – ‘Is he right?’; 63% of men under 30 have decided to be single and relationships are dying everywhere. Why?; More reparations madness; Biden tries to talk his way out of a mess again with the classified documents fiasco; Barak talks about a high school student who beats up a teacher because she took away his Nintendo Switch and asks how this could happen?; The FBI is now asserting that some Catholics should be viewed as domestic terrorists. This should be unacceptable to all Christians, Catholic or not; Hope for the future? Barak takes stock in recent developments, recent Supreme Court victories for Christian colleges, around the clock prayer services at Asbury University, and the recent litigation against transgender surgeries; The impending Supreme Court decision against affirmative action; Barak wraps up the show, describing it as a series of questions, and that life is the fight for God and against godlessness.

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Feb 19,2023

THEME: we must never allow the exception to swallow the rule. Related: the “let’s change the entire world around us” exception of the transgendered; more Chinese balloon fall out – – White House says decision was decisive and wonderful, but Biden doesn’t want to answer any questions about it; East Palestine toxic spill fallout, and how FEMA doesn’t seem to care; Pete Buttigieg fails in the East Palestine situation, following other horrific missteps; Don lemon says Nikki Haley is not in her “prime,” and faces major backlash; AOC doesn’t like the religious ads from last week’s Super Bowl, and she says that the ads were designed to “make fascism look benign.”; Kentucky prayer revival; White House “dismayed” about Israel’s developments of new homes and towns in Judea and Samaria, but not very “dismayed” when it comes to Palestinian attacks upon Israelis; Terror attacks have increased 900% since Biden took office; why? Because Biden gave the Palestinian Authority $1 billion in aid.

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Feb 12,2023

THEME: the secular claim that the religious are imposing themselves. How so? Everything points in the other direction; “Satanic” Grammys; Transgender sex workers soliciting sex, right outside of a Catholic elementary school; Biden State of the Union address disaster; More Chinese spy balloons – – this time Biden shoots it down early; Investigations on Biden and the former Twitter’s suppression of conservative voices begin; Biden blames staff for classified documents mishandling, and then claims the public doesn’t really care about the classified documents anyway; Disturbing new evidence that the United States in fact blew up the Nordstream pipeline in late 2022; White House spokeswoman can’t explain why Biden’s numbers are so low, or why Dems don’t want Biden to run for reelection.

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Feb 05,2023

THEME: you can’t self correct without God. That applies also to our cities, our states,
and our country; the Chinese spy balloon fiasco, and what it means; Hunter Biden demands his computer laptop back – – and even pursues criminal charges against the former repair shop owner; Ilhan Omar gets booted from her committees, and she makes a defiant speech like a dictator; classified documents disaster continues – – the University of Delaware apparently refused to release 2000 boxes of documents, despite a subpoena. Why are they protecting Biden?; Immigration disaster – – DHS refuses to allow border agents to testify in Congress; AT&T drops Newsmax; Colorado Baker gets targeted again.

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Jan 29,2023

THEME: massive increase in attacks on Catholic churches – – what is happening?Police brutality in Tennessee; Pelosi video shows a very calm and cool cucumber; Terrorist attacks against Israelis in Jerusalem and spokeswoman for WH says “both sides” need to to deescalate; Biden team can’t explain taking classified docs; Covid story unravels as Bill Gates now admits problems with the mRNA vaccine; Immigration collapse; Jane Fonda says that racism creates climate change; Dramatic decrease in sperm count over the past 50 years – – why is this so?

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Jan 22,2023

THEME: Treat God, as if He’s gasoline for civilization–that is, we can’t move forwardwithout Him. Also, there is no questioning in any meaningful way without God.; More fallout from classified documents for Biden, which he declares has no “there, there; “Day of rage in Atlanta; Al Gore rages in Davos – – we’re apparently not doing enough to satisfy him; Supreme Court investigation as to the Dobbs draft decision leaker comes up, empty-handed after 4 months– – we wonder why; Biden calls anyone who attacks Democrats for big spending “fiscally demented;” Hockey player, Ivan Provorov refuses to join teammates to celebrate LGBT cause; Reparations madness continues, increases to $5 million per person from “just” 233k a few weeks ago; Transgender study reveals that 55% of men transitioning through surgery are suffering extreme pain, even a year after their operation; Latest revelations from the Covid shut down disaster, as well as fallout from the vaccine, including FAA changes to EKG parameters for pilots.

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Jan 15,2023

THEME: why are we OK with dismantling America, Judaism and Christianity, when we would never think about dismantling something like traffic laws? Because we know dismantling traffic laws will lead to horrific results immediately; Classified documents fall out, and the left’s desperate effort to say they are better, compared to Trump; More on Twitter documents revelations of censorship; Spokeswoman for White House Jean-Pierre says border issues are all Trump’s fault; Covid follies – – again: Everyone seems to be backtracking from mandates, as problems from the vaccines become more apparent; Fauci claims CDC has been transparent all along, and that the China lockdown was too much – – but hadn’t he said that America should have done the same.

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Jan 08,2023

THEME: the many 800 pound gorillas in the room no one is talking about; the strange selection of Kevin McCarthy and (more importantly) the Democrat response to it; Biden visits the southern border – – finally. But don’t expect him say we have a problem; More revelations from Twitter; Democrats celebrate January 6 (and I mean celebrate); California bans diesel trucks, and ensures prices remain the same for women for comparative products (razor blades, etc.); a new rise in antisemitism no one wants to talk about; Biden wants to create apartheid in Jerusalem; CDC wants to push LGBT education curricula, while Florida makes new laws enforcing and protecting the difference between boys and girls.

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Jan 01,2023

THEME: the only way to fight back is to speak up. We must act as if we alone are responsible for saving civilization; attack on New York, City Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration; New spending bill monstrosity: $1.7trillion and they don’t even know what’s in it, this is no way to run a government; Southwest flight cancellations, and the opportunities for Southwest to turn this around; Congressman-elect Santos lies: January 6committee concludes that Trump is unfit; Trump tax returns say nothing other than that he paid a little in taxes – – and there’s nothing wrong with that; Supreme Court blocks Biden’s attempt to end title 42; California imposes a bunch of crazy new rules starting in 2023; LA and New York think that they have the answer for homelessness: just give them homes!;Canada encourages euthanasia – – and even promotes it by way of a children’s coloring book; Kamala Harris appears to have done nothing for two years, but the media is blaming you for that because you’re racist and sexist.

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Dec 27,2022

A Barak Lurie Christmas!

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