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Nov 28,2021

Theme: ‘Atheism Destroys’ is out; We need to treat Godlessness like communism and fascism; Biden does nothing to stop the supply chain and immigration problems; New covid variant helps push Dem’s agenda; Arbury verdict; ‘Smash and grab’ all the rage throughout California; Joy Reed will say anything; Kamala Harris says ‘you can’t just flip a switch and make it better’ on the border; Dems have a problem: Biden is seeking reelection; China and Russia now seeking a military alliance– which should help them invade Ukraine and Taiwan; Teachers know better, so shut up!

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Nov 21,2021

Theme: The real reason the left hates Rittenhouse; Analyzing the Rittenhouse decision; The Covid narrative continues, FDA asks to wait 55 years to release data; Concerns about vaccination from England; Fauci seems eager to vaccinate babies and toddlers and thinks you are too; Dems desperate to push BBB bill, that they’ll say anything… and they are; Dems can’t seem to understand why Biden and Harris have such low approval rates; PB&J are ‘infrastructure??’

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Nov 14,2021

Theme: What’s your prison?; Covid discrimination?; Biden and Harris have no idea what to do with inflation, gas prices or the economy; Kyle Rittenhouse; Will Witt guest speaks about ‘how to win friends and influence enemies’; Terrorism and immigration are colliding.

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Nov 07,2021

Theme: Diagnosing the ailments of our society; Atheism Destroys comes out this week; Settlements for illegal immigrants?; Biden shows climate change hypocrisy; Democrat house passes $1.2 trillion bill and Senator Manchin blues; Dems don’t want to learn from last weeks elections; Judges push back on Covid mandates; There seems to be an agenda forcing 5-year-olds to get the vaccine.

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Oct 31,2021

Theme: It’s not that atheists don’t believe in God, it’s that they don’t WANT to believe in God; Inflation hitting hard; The country supports Republicans in all key areas; Biden and the Pope; The climate change coming fiasco; Terry McCauliffe slipping wildly in the VA gov race; Covid makes no sense any more, but they keep going!; The $1.75 trillion ‘open’ compromise… but the Dems are still blocking it; Biden will have to enforce the immigration laws… eventually.

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Oct 24,2021

Theme: What all mass killers have in common; More fallout from the supply chain disaster; Biden’s approval numbers sink to rock bottom; Buttigieg thinks the supply chain disaster reflects an extraordinary success, ‘yes, I went there’; It’s the environmental regulations that caused this supply chain problem; China on the advance with supersonic missiles; Covid response; Colin Powell dies; The people are beginning to fight back; JFK papers held back again; Alec Baldwin’s tragic killing reveals leftist thinking. 

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Oct 17,2021

Guest host Joe Messina; President Joey B; Afghan pullout was ‘professional’; The most ‘transparent’ administration; Fighting back with facts; Tulsi Gabbard would have been better than Joe Biden; Dem bureaucrats think of themselves as Greek Gods; CA gender-neutral toy isle craziness.

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Oct 10,2021

Theme: What traffic laws can teach us about consequences; More revelations about Fauci and Covid outbreak; More California madness– vaccine passports and mandates for children; Elon Musk leaves CA; The $3.5 Trillion bill; Feds try to criminalize for parents participating in school board meetings; The future of the Democrat party; China will push against Taiwan; Senate hearing about Instragam’s showcasing women’s figures.

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Oct 03,2021

Theme: The Godless are oppressing the religious, not the other way around; Pelosi thinks the $3.5 trillion bill won’t cost anything; Gov Newsom goes crazy on his post-recall high; New Gov of NY thinks she’s Jesus talking to her ‘apostles’ about the new vaccine religion; Kamala Harris validates a student’s ‘genocide’ blood libel against Jews.

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Sep 26,2021

Theme: Diplomacy against dictators never works; Biden approval rate nosedives; Gabby Petito and ‘white woman’ syndrome; If inflation hitting hard, more concerns about the jab; AOC cries about iron dome bill; AZ audit.

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