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May 15,2022

Further Roe v wade fallout; COVID payment fraud and diversions; “Ultra MAGA!”; Baby Formula Crisis—not a good look for Biden

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May 08,2022

Theme: The leaked opinion overturning Roe v. Wade; The ironies of the arguments against the conservative pro-life position; What if each pregnant woman had a window into her womb? Would there be as many abortions?; Barak exposes the lie of the ‘my body, my choice,’ argument; The left catastrophizes what the opinion actually does.

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May 01,2022

Theme: Just how many of the wokesters are out there? Could it be just a few who have created our national tizzy?; DHS creates ‘Disinformation Governance Board. They can’t even hear themselves, can they?; Recession looming, but Biden somehow sees the opposite; Elon Musk and Twitter fallout; Disney attack on FL bill backfires; Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden: the facts are coming for them; Immigration and border crisis looming; Dr. Fauci knows better than all courts and judges–doctors and science are above the law.

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Apr 24,2022

Theme: Russia and Ukraine – the utter horror of what we’re seeing and the central power of God; Federal judge ends mask mandate; Title 42; Gavin Newsom gives up on the vaccine mandate… but not so fast; Crazy Rhode Island Democrats try to double the income tax of the unvaccinated; Consequences of the Covid shutdown; Elizabeth Warren says the Democrats are headed for big losses in the midterms; Biden admin can’t get out of its own way; Transgender madness; The government has been ‘looting’ us for years; Piers Morgan and Trump interview; CA suing oil companies over climate change?

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Apr 22,2022

Theme: will believers in God become pariahs in the future? Barak explores; hypocrisy with the subway shooter in New York; BLM hypocrisy – – anybody who questions the strange Malibu purchase is himself a racist; Biden claims the “Putin inflation,“ cannot call Covid the “China virus;” and much more

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Apr 10,2022

Theme: NPR presents a program ‘in defense of looting’–do you really think it’ll just be about looting? Why not murder or infanticide?; Speaking of which, AB223 now seeks to legalize infanticide. I wonder what the atheist thinks about that?; The walls are closing in on the Biden family because of Hunter Biden; NJ passes law mandating children to learn about transgenderism and sexuality. Is this not child abuse? Is this not grooming?; Disney stock plummets because of it’s anti-DeSantis stance; Pete Buttigieg says the Florida bill will kill transgender kids; Elon Musk buys more than 9 percent of Twitter and their stock goes up. Hope and change indeed; Horror in Ukraine; Guest Luke Manzo of pillarsofus.com, democratizing democracy.

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Apr 03,2022

Theme: The transgender battle is the central battle, not a fringe issue; Disney operates out of fear; Ukraine pushing back against Russia; Biden doesn’t seem to remember his own gaffes; Hunter Biden laptop story begins to metastasize against the Dems; Biden’s popularity down so dramatically, leaving Dems in terrible peril for midterms; AOC thinks the answer is even more cramming down of progressive policies; Psaki and Buttigieg seem to contradict each other on gas prices; Barak says we can count on at least two more Biden disasters before the midterms; Immigration is already a disaster and they want to undo Title 42? The drug and sex cartels could not be more thankful; Will Smith’s apology was sincere and Chris Rock accepted it so the issue should be over. But, the left only knows how to destroy and will continue doing so.

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Mar 27,2022

Theme: Our social ills come from very small changes, decades ago; Ketanji Brown Jackson gives bizarre answers and can’t define ‘woman’; Trump lawsuit against Clinton and others; Biden goes off the rails in speech to American soldiers in Poland; AOC–and Biden–seem to recognize the surge at the border; Gavin Newsom’s answer to rising gas prices? Give people $400 each; Feminists are beginning to wake up to how the transgender movement is harming women.

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Mar 20,2022

Theme: When you don’t recognize evil, you treat evil people as gods; NYT confirms Hunter Biden story; Biden’s inability to deal with Ukraine; The brave producer protesting the war on national Russian TV; America hopes Russians will negotiate on their behalf before the mullahs in Iran; Pelosi wants to have it both ways on oil price hikes; Ketanji Brown confirmation– she’s OVER-qualified??; More on the trans swimmer story; Fauci warns we might go back to restrictions if Covid rates continue; The lies about the ‘don’t say gay’ bill in Florida; Good news about police stopping human trafficking.

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Mar 13,2022

Theme: The Asch Conformity Experiment and how it applies today to so many of our social issues; Kamala appears to laugh at Ukrainian refugee situation; Biden laughs at the idea that inflation comes from all his spending; Barak does NOT think this will lead to WW3–Putin has revealed himself just a petty dictator; The Covid narrative is starting to unravel–Now we have to evaluate was it worth it?; Jussie Smollett thinks he’s going to be ‘suicided’ like Jeffrey Epstein.

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