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Sep 12,2021

Theme: if civilization were a person, what advice would you give them?; The consequences of the Afghanistan pullout are going to be more far-reaching than we think; Biden cracks down on the unvaccinated; Of recalls and gorilla masks.

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Sep 05,2021

Theme: Treat Godlessness as a THING; The Continued Disaster of Afghanistan; Hurricane Ida; Biden Lied About The Tree of Life Synagogue attendance; Meaning of Texas Abortion Law Supreme Court Decision; Barak Believes Larry Elder will Win; Job Numbers Disaster; The Vaccine in Free Fall; COVID Response: Australia vs America – Why so Different?  

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Aug 29,2021

Theme: how could the Afghanistan debacle happen in the first place? Taliban explosions at the airport; the world has been watching; Gavin Newsom is desperate; Cuomo apparently fudged the COVID numbers; Vaccinations are not what they appear to be – Israel studies find; Michael Byrd, killer of Ashley Babbit, declares himself “courageous.”

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Aug 22,2021

Theme: Afghanistan disaster is a reflection of our lack of courage; Ripple effects of Afghanistan disaster; Feminists silent on Taliban mistreatment of women; George Stephanopoulos interview reveals a totally incompetent President; Media has turned against Biden–unanimously; Newsom recall – attacks Larry Elder as ‘black face of white supremacy’; Biden DOJ warns states against Arizona-style audits; Covid-crazy NYC; What’s happening with Australia?; Disturbing story that vaccinated people may be MORE like to get infected.

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Aug 15,2021

Theme: To conservatives, government is a nuisance… to the left, democracy is the nuisance; Taliban takes over Afghanistan–we told you so; Cuomo resigns–the harassment charges were just a distraction; The left uses Covid as a means to push out conservatives; Inflation prediction – 10 percent by the end of the year.

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Aug 08,2021

Theme: We need far more people from the private sector to speak up; Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment charges are a distraction from the nursing home deaths; Consequences of the ‘Trump’ vaccines; Cori Bush needs security, but we the people don’t; Covid vaccination passports; Pelosi pushes the eviction moratorium back on the White House; Larry Elder and CA recall election. 

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Aug 01,2021

Theme: Why is optimism down 20 percent? Maybe because Democrats continually gaslight us?; Crime statistics don’t lie; The Olympics and the left’s hate for nationalism; Everything is ‘infrastructure’ to Dems; 

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Jul 25,2021

Theme: Would our past selves be embarrassed by todays space exploration?; Dems and infrastructure; Inflation; Dems all of a sudden want voter IDs; Larry Elder leading CA gubernatorial polls; Ben & Jerry’s boycott?; US Olympic team kneels and loses; Pelosi rejects Republicans for Jan 6th committee – McCarthy pulls out.

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Jul 18,2021

Theme: Leftism is the extension of childhood; AOC says Cuba protests are against America, not Cuba; Dems flee Texas; Covid vaccine deaths?; HR1 voting rights bill compared to 9-11; Kamala Harris thinks you can’t copy your ID; Biden thinks Trump supporters are worse than confederate slave owners; New mask mandate; White House unconstitutionally using Facebook to censor.

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Jul 11,2021

Summary: Theme: Barak and his three back-to-back 7 hour delays on his plane flights–what can we learn?; Trump sues Google, et al; Door to door vaccination checks; Pullout from Afghanistan–nice that we gave notice; With all the infrastructure payments how about protecting the country?

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