The Mafia, Drug Cartels, & Psychopaths

February, 2022 Barak Lurie

One of the chapters in ATHEISM DESTROYS that I find most elucidating, and actually informed me quite a bit, is the connection between godlessness on the one hand and mass murderers, serial killers, drug cartels, sex trafficking, and the mafia. What do they all have in common? Godlessness.

There’s an incredible correlation between the two. The kingpins and the serial killers and the mass murderers all say so themselves. Now contrary to the mantra that you must believe yourself, or have heard maybe, is that the mafia somehow consists of people that go to church, and baptize their children, and give them confirmations and so forth, and otherwise appear to dutifully go to confession – and then the rest of the week they go ahead and whack each other and kill other innocent people. Not true. You may have seen that in The Godfather, but it’s just not reality. In fact, when a mafioso does in fact find Jesus or God, they tend to leave the Mafia.

The same thing applies with the psychopaths such as Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy made it very clear that he was an atheist, would always be an atheist, and believed that his killings were consistent with his atheism. In fact, he felt he wanted to live his ideology out by killing and maming and raping. Well that’s exactly what he did. When he told a female interviewer he saw no difference between eating a ham sandwich and maming, murdering, and raping his interviewer – that was his ideology. He believed it very deeply.

The same thing was true with Jeffrey Dahmer, who made it very clear that he did not believe in God and thought they could do whatever you wanted to. Charles Manson – you would say he was atheist, but he believed that he was God, so there might be a difference there. Nevertheless he didn’t believe in the God that you and I believe in in the Judeo-Christian sense.

Look, you’ll never find someone who calls himself the Catholic Butcher of New Orleans – or the Hasidic Slaughterer of Brooklyn. It just doesn’t work that way. Why? Because such people, if they are true to their Christianity, true to their Judaism – simply don’t subscribe to the notion of crime like that. Indeed you’ll be very hard-pressed to find anyone in history where you could say that he was doing his slaughtering, his maming, his raping, his tortures, his murders – in the name of God or the name of Christianity or Judaism. It just doesn’t exist.

Now I’m talking about correlation but there’s a very strong correlation going on here. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, did a study on exactly this issue when it came to mass murderers. They want to understand what do mass murderers have in common? Surprise. They’re all godless. Now you may say there’s a couple people that were indicated to be associated with Christianity, but if you actually delve into it – it turns out they’re not Christian at all. They were simply reported to be Christian when in fact they didn’t have any Christianity in the background whatsoever. They may have been born as Christian, but that of course is not sufficient.

These are things – these are facts that we have to take into account. Why is it that godlessness and such violence and horrific behavior are so closely connected? I’ll tell you why. Because without God, Ted Bundy is right: There is no need for morals and there is no notion between right and wrong. There is no difference between eating a ham sandwich and murdering, raping, torturing and so on. In ATHEISM DESTROYS, I pick up on this theme quite a bit – and it goes case by case and gives many lists of people who are guilty of such horrific mass murderers, and serial killers for that matter, and you’ll see that connection. Now, does that mean or prove that there’s a God? No.

But it does show one thing: Godlessness… atheism… destroys.

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