The Dangers of Atheism

January, 2021 Barak Lurie

I want to talk to you about the theme that will encompass everything we do on this channel.

The dangers of atheism. In my book Atheism Kills, and my ultimate volume series of Atheism Kills, we talk about the dangers of a world without God. Without God, you have a world of ultimate destruction. There is no greater force of destruction than atheism itself.

In fact as we argue in Atheism Kills, nothing else has done any more damage than atheism. Not fascism, not communism, not any sort of dictatorial rule whatsoever. Atheism has got everyone beat.

Why is that? Because both fascism and communism and virtually every destructive force whatsoever, has within it the element of godlessness. In fact, the central operating system of both communism and fascism was atheism. That being the fact, that’s what led to the millions… no, hundreds of millions of people dying in the 20th and now 21st century.

Everything that we are in the Barak Lurie Show has to deal with the dangers of godlessness. We’ll show not only how atheism kills people and ruins lives, but also how it ruins everything else that we treasure. Whether that’s beauty, art, music, purpose, freedom, free speech, justice — you name it, godlessness destroys it.

I look forward to talking to you — and with you — more about these topics as we proceed further. Thank you.