Godlessness Destroys Courage

February, 2022 Barak Lurie

Hi folks, Barak Lurie again talking about ATHEISM DESTROYS and yet another segment of the book – how godlessness destroys courage. In this book, ATHEISM DESTROYS, I go over 2020 as the “Year of Fear”. How COVID, and our reaction to COVID, demonstrates exactly my point about courage. You may have noticed in these past two or so years, that those who resisted the mask mandates, the vaccine mandates, who fought with the schools – tended to be religious. They had a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Now, maybe they were wrong. Maybe they were endangering everyone. That’s not the point that I’m trying to make. The point I am trying to make is that they acted courageously.  They fought against the system. And the question is “Why?”

I put it to you that the reason why — is they had a sense of God. And they know that their purpose was to see and do God’s will

Now when you don’t have God in your life and you don’t have a sense of a rally cry around America, for example – western civilization, the notion of free speech, and freedom – things that we have talked about in the values in ATHEISM DESTROYS – what do you have to rally around? Well, here comes this COVID crisis and it afforded everyone this incredible opportunity to unite. To give them a sense of purpose. To show everyone else that they were doing something and that was very important to them. It was a purpose not unlike that of, some say, religious people – who believe that they have a purpose in following God’s will and doing God’s will.

Likewise, in the horrible killing of George Floyd in May of 2020, we saw the reaction of so many cities with riots and other demonstrations – and we saw how people immediately changed their tune when it came to what they perceived to be a racist killing. Suddenly, it was okay to go out – and protests, demonstrations and otherwise. But because it was allegedly about racism, governments and everyone else kowtowed to the mob. It was fear. 2020, as I said, was the year of fear. I believe especially with the COVID crisis, that had this happened say, 50 years ago… 75 years ago… They would say, “This is unacceptable. We have to go about living our lives.” But that, of course, was during a time where people were much more religiously observant and had God as a center of their lives.

Now, people made the connection that somehow fighting COVID was like fighting the Nazis in World War II. But not so fast. You see, in World War II, we sacrificed lives for the sake of saving civilization. Today, we’re sacrificing civilization for the sake of lives. That’s a big turnabout. And the reason why is because godlessness has defeated courage.

If we understand that, we understand that the only way to get back this sort of national sense of courage is to bring God in our lives. Without God, there is no reason to be courageous. Why should you? Why not just do whatever you want everyday because after all, from the atheist point of view, there is no hereafter. Make the most of things right now because that’s all there is. Those with God in their lives – they know that there’s something worth fighting for. Something that goes far beyond them. Something that even goes far beyond their lives and even their freedom. That’s God and to do God’s will. That’s the reason why godlessness destroys courage. I’m Barak Lurie. Thanks for watching and we’ll talk with you next week.

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