Atheists Don’t Believe in Morality

March, 2021 Barak Lurie

Folks I’m going to say something that’s very harsh — or seems to be very harsh. Atheists are not moral people.

Ok. That does sound harsh doesn’t it? But let me rephrase it for you. Atheists are not people of morals. There’s a difference. They don’t believe in morality. And they shouldn’t believe in morality. Because morality comes from God. All the sense of morality that you have: The notion that you should not kill, that you should not steal, should not lie, should not commit adultery — come from the Ten Commandments. If you don’t believe in God, there’s no need to have morality.

In fact, as Friedrich Nietzsche said in his book Beyond Good and Evil — that we need to go beyond good and evil. Any senses of those things. And that is exactly what Hitler decided to do when he adopted Nietzsche’s ideas and implemented the famous Final Solution of the Holocaust — killing millions of people. He felt that there was no good or evil. All that was necessary, all that was right, in the eyes of Hitler — and other fascists and other communists for that matter and all atheists who’d ever control the country — was that the mission be complete. That the state be serviced. Everything was in the interest of the state. And so if you were infirm — didn’t produce anything for the state, you were not necessary and you needed to go, one way or the other.

There’s no morality in atheism. It’s a pretense. It’s a world that the atheist may want to live in… He doesn’t want to be killed, he doesn’t want anybody to steal from him, he doesn’t want to be raped, or lied to, or have his wife cheat on him, or otherwise. But that is the world you live in if you are an atheist. You can’t have it both ways.

I’ve said it many times when I was an atheist. “I’m an atheist, but thank God so few other people are.” Because I knew: A world without God was a world without morals. It’s a world without good and evil.

So you have this interesting pretext of atheists who insist that they’re good people. But you say, “Why? Why are you a good person? What makes this or that person a good person? Why does goodness matter to you?” It’s all about survival of the fittest for you, isn’t it? We’re no different than the animals so therefore there is no such thing as beauty, art, free will, consciousness for that matter, or any sense of improvement of the species. And very importantly, there’s no such thing as morality. Why would there be?

Morality comes to us from the Ten Commandments. Every sense that you have is about the Ten Commandments. That’s the main point I want to deliver in this message.

So having received the benefits of a world with morality, they now want to pretend as if the deliverer of the morality, the sense of morals that they now want to embrace, that He doesn’t exist. It’s like a child saying, “I don’t believe in parenthood.” Even though he has now been raised by his parents and who otherwise has food and clothing on his back. But “I don’t believe in parenthood” all of a sudden. It’s exactly the same thing.

You see folks, atheists do not believe in morals. They don’t even believe the difference between good and evil. Remember that, the next time an atheist tells you that he’s a moral person. Ask him, “Why does it even matter to you?”