Atheists Don’t Believe in Atheism

January, 2021 Barak Lurie

Today l want to talk to you about how atheists themselves don’t necessarily believe in atheism. In other words, he enjoys all the benefits of a world with God — especially in America and almost every other western civilization, which infuses its morality from the Judeo-Christian mindset. And because of that he enjoys the benefits of truth, justice, beauty, music, a sense of fair play, and for that matter freedom, and democracy itself.

These are things among many other things that he truly enjoys. That he lives by and he expects others to live by. I mean, don’t we all want that? But the question is: Why?

Animals don’t have any of these senses. An animal doesn’t have any interest in truth or justice. Or a sense of purpose, or improving his life to become a better dog or a better cheetah for that matter. Right? That’s not in their DNA.

But for us. For we humans — We for some reason have the sense of a better tomorrow. Of progress. But in our quest to have a better world, we should really ask ourselves: Why? Why do we strive for beauty and music and art? Why do we strive for truth? Why do we strive to make the world a better place? This is something that the atheist really can’t understand and doesn’t want to understand. In fact, a world without God ends up being very similar to a world of the animals. Where it’s only struggling. Where you only have 3 central missions in life. To eat, to not be eaten, and to mate. That’s it. If you want that world, well then be an atheist. But if you don’t accept that world, if you don’t think that’s what your purpose in life is, then maybe you’re not an atheist.

But just remember my mantra, even when I was an atheist. I used to say “I’m an atheist, but thank God nobody else is.” Because I know the dangers of a world without God. We’ll talk about that more in our next episode.