Atheism is a Drug

November, 2021 Barak Lurie

One of the things that you may have noticed about my passion against atheism is because of its destructive nature. But another way to look at atheism is to understand that it’s more like a drug.

A drug that numbs your mind. You may be saying exactly the opposite: “What are you talking about? It’s God that numbs your mind!”

No. Think of it differently. I want you to flip that script a little bit. So let’s flip the script and understand that, in fact, it is atheism which is a drug.

With atheism there really is no accountability. There’s no need for truth, there’s no need for justice. Those three things alone require a lot of effort. They require a sense of understanding of reality. You have to work hard for those things. You cannot simply say, “Well, I like those things and I want those things.” You have to work for it. Likewise with civilization itself. You have to work for it. You have to work for the notion of truth and responsibility. Of family and marriage.

None of those things that I just mentioned are relevant in atheism. In fact, atheism teaches us that all of those things are unimportant. All that matters is what feels good for you today because you won’t be anything tomorrow. As the noted serial killer Carl Panzram once said, “Today, I’m dirty. Tomorrow, I will be dirt.” That is the essence of the atheist mindset. Whether they like it or not. Whether they want to believe it or not.

The truth is that atheism teaches that nothing matters. So why would you focus on anything as if it does matter? We are seeing a collapse of accountability, love, truth, family, marriage… All those things and many more are no longer as relevant to many people. They may very well like to live in a world of accountability, and truth, and everyone is nice to each other. But they never ask the question, “Why is it so? What do I have to do to enjoy that kind of environment?”

Now, the atheist is now yelling at the screen saying, “What are you talking about? It’s all a matter of logic Mr. Lurie.” “If we just all get along… I don’t want to murder you and you don’t want to murder me… then that just makes sense.” “I don’t want to steal from you because I don’t want you to steal from me.”

It’s all a big grandiose Mexican standoff… in the eyes of an atheist.

But that doesn’t work. There are so many dictators who have been atheists. All the communists and all the fascists — all of them, to a man, were atheist. It’s hard to argue that point back to me.

The fact is, that it’s the church that has been doing the hard work.

Churches and synagogues, for thousands of years, have sought the truth. Have sought science. Have sought the notion of justice. Have sought the notion of time and responsibility. Family and marriage.

These are the things that are the building blocks of civilization that require a tremendous amount of hard work and are exactly the opposite of drugs.

Truth is a sense of reality. Drugs are designed to numb. And atheism tells you you don’t have to see reality at all. You can ignore all the things that are apparent right before your very eyes. Such as free will, justice, beauty, music…

But if you don’t want to see it, you can numb yourself through atheism. The good news is: You just don’t take that drug. Wonderful things can happen. You can open your mind dramatically by opening yourself up to the reality, yes the reality… that God has created everything.

Once you do that, the sky’s the limit — and because of that we are reaching extraordinary heights. And the more science we learn, the more we realize that a Creator must have been behind it.