Atheism Destroys series: An Introduction

December, 2021 Barak Lurie

Folks, I’m very excited to announce the publication of Atheism Destroys. And I’m excited because I want to show how important God is in our civilization. Indeed, in Atheism Destroys, I show how without God, we have no civilization. It’s really that simple. In Atheism Kills, I showed how atheism kills and maims and brutalizes… and creates all sorts of despotic horrors for our world.

In Atheism Destroys, I talk about how atheism –- godlessness, destroys the fabric of civilization. We take for granted all the goodness that Christianity and Judaism have given civilization. Without it, we wouldn’t have free speech – one of my first chapters in Atheism Destroys. Without it, we wouldn’t have the notion of family and marriage. For that matter, without God, we wouldn’t even have a relationships. These are important bedrocks of civilization.

You know, I even have a chapter where we talk about how godlessness creates the mafia. It creates the drug cartels. It creates sex trafficking. It creates mass murderers and serial killers for that matter. It’s horrific stuff in a world without God.

Four years of intense research on this and there’s only one conclusion at the end of the day. That is: Without God, we have no civilization.

It is why I had this urge to write this series because I know the very good news. That if we reintroduce God – not forcing anyone to go to church or synagogue – but if we introduce God and have everyone understand the importance of how God was the center of civilization. And that without him we have no civilization – we might actually be able to wipe out virtually all of the ills of society that we face today. Homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment for that matter, crime, war, sex trafficking, drugs – all those things. We would be able to minimize them if not wipe them out altogether.

Atheism Destroys. It will change the way you think about God. It is not enough just to believe in God. It is not enough just to do good works. It’s very important to understand the evil of godlessness. Once we do that we have a fighting chance to get our civilization back on track. Please go ahead and get my book. Talk about my book. Spread the good word. Thank you very much.

Atheism Destroys available now on Amazon.