A Jew Calls on Christians to Unite

March, 2021 Barak Lurie

As you know, I am a Jew. A very proud Jew. I deeply believe in God and I deeply believe in the Bible. I’m not a Christian. I’m not a Jew for Jesus. I’m not anybody other than somebody that is a very devout Jew. But as many of you know, I celebrate Christians and Christianity in a major way.

Christianity has done fantastic things for civilization. So it pains me when I see a lot of my Christian friends fight with each other. I know there’s a lot of history between and among all the Christian faiths out there. Catholics on the one hand. Protestants and all the various different groups within Protestantism. Then there’s the Mormons, you have the Latter-Day Saints, the Quakers… All these groups, I see them attacking each other. We need to stop that.

Christians need to unite among themselves. And again, this is from my Jewish perspective, but don’t you all believe that Jesus was your savior? Don’t you believe that He rose and died for man’s sins? Isn’t that good enough? Isn’t the important part of it all that you do good works?

What does it matter whether there’s relatively small differences among each of the faiths? Yes I understand that Catholics have their Pope and that Protestants don’t believe that the Pope should be in any way a leader spiritually. I understand that.

But there is far more uniting you than there is dividing you.

And we have a far greater enemy at hand and that is godlessness. The difference between Christianity and godlessness itself is far more vast than any minor differences among and between the various Christian and Catholic faiths. Far more vast, and far more dangerous.

Christians, I ask you to unite. We need more of you. Yes, you can have your different particular faiths, but to hate on each other, to fight each other, to dismiss each other as non-entities and that only your faith is the paramount one — it saddens me.

And I say this as a Jew. Judaism is far more different with Christianity than whatever differences there are among the Christian faiths. That’s a fair statement, right? And yet this Jew wants to unite with you Christians in the fight that is far more important: The fight against godlessness.

Remember what Christians have given the world. They’ve given the university, they’ve given the library system, they’ve given hospitals, the school system as we know it… They’ve given science as we know it today. Particularly the scientific method.

Jews have given justice, the abolition of idolatry, monotheism in particular. Jews have given a sense of opening up the mind, of freedom. This is what we call the Judeo-Christian mindset. This is what we’ve given to the world. Godlessness has given nothing to the world. It has only offered destruction.
It is time that we rally and fight the real enemy: That is godlessness.

And if this Jew can unite with you Christians, then surely you can unite with each other.