The NFL Protests And The First Amendment

If anyone tells you the NFL protests are somehow a First Amendment issue, please disabuse them. It is not. This is not the government prohibiting somebody from speaking his mind. No government body is imposing or threatening any rule or regulation prohibiting the players kneeling in protest of police violence, racism and inequality. The owners, [...]

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Violent Islam Is More Dangerous Than The KKK

Violent Islam is more dangerous than the KKK but the Klan receives all the media outrage. Violent Islam murdered scores of people since September 11th 2001. A white supremacist killed one person and injured fourteen about two weeks ago. The mainstream media gives disproportional attention to the sick underbelly of KKK racism lurking in our [...]

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What Would America Look Like Without Affirmative Action And The Welfare State

Conservatives always ask “what works?”. Two liberal democrat policies that do not work are affirmative action and welfare. What would American look like without them? Eliminating affirmative action and welfare would be a huge improvement to our society. The positive effects would extend to everyone. Sans affirmative action, the price of college and the size [...]

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Busting Tech Trusts

James Damore's firing from Google was not the end of the tech industry's tyrannical censorship. Click Here for a Breitbart article by Chris Street on Google's creepy doubling down on their anti-conservative inquisition. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are banned from raising money through PayPal. News recently came that Geller was reinstated but Spencer hasn't [...]

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Everything’s Global Warming

The left is done with ideas and creativity. Leftism is an ideology so devoid of any creative or abstract thinking that all of their rebuttals sound the same. If you don't believe in premise “A” the left labels you “B”. It's always totally consistent. Example: If you don't believe in global warming, then you are [...]

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The Real Crony Capitalism

Imagine a world where you can't think what you want or do what you want without penalty of banishment or death. You can see it on your mind's eye right now: North Korea today. The Soviet Union 30 years ago. The world George Orwell created for us in 1984. In this world the government controls [...]

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The Narcissism Of Self Identity

Obviously modern America is infested with virtue signaling narcissists. They love themselves some themselves. While self actualization is a wonderful thing, self identity is a wretched habit that leads a society into the hellish pit of ignoring reality. Self actualization means you take all you are blessed with and make the most of yourself in [...]

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Gold from a Silver Mine?

To my mind, Elton John gave us two of the most delicious lines in music: It's like trying to find gold in a silver mine It's like trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine They come to us courtesy of John's song Honky Cat, from 1974. I like it not just because the [...]

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Religion On The Rise In Russia

Breitbart posted a surprising piece about faith in Russia. Atheism has fallen in Russia by 50% over the last three years. This of course means that people are returning to faith. The major Russian growth in religion is in the participation in the Eastern Orthodox Church Christianity. Vladmir Putin has been working to restore Russia [...]

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Justice Delayed Became Life Denied

We have a well known saying in the law “justice delayed is justice denied” but just because it's reached the point of cliché does not lessen it's truth. Charlie Gard is the latest victim of how socialism delays everything in life. Most of the time, these delays range from inconvenient to infuriating. Charlie Gard proves [...]

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