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Recently, Barak Lurie talked about the impact of the Gaza situation/conflict, atheism, and continued with the embarrassments of the Left.

Posted on July 26, 2014 by blinklink | Leave a reply Interestingly, they all have a common theme. You’ll see… –Atheism and Its Discontents It always fascinated me (and I used to argue this) when an atheist would argue that he cannot accept a God that would allow the Holocaust to happen or for that [...]

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Recently on the Barak Lurie show, Barak Lurie talked about the recent Hobby Lobby decision, the escalating crisis in Israel and the Middle East in general, and how ObamaCare is running amuck—to no one’s surprise.

Barak also talked about the embarrassments of the left in history and through today, and compares them to those of the right. Latest News –The Hobby Lobby Decision The United States Supreme Court recently came down in favor of Hobby Lobby, a closely held company that sought not to be forced to provide health care [...]

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