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College Professors Find Another Way to Fight “White Hetero-masculinity”

Two feminist college professors have found a new frontier of white man's oppression: citations. Yes, these two professors have actually published a paper stating that citing information in academic papers is now sexist and oppressive against women. We would imagine that the well had run dry in terms of how the evil white man keeps [...]

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Blaming Hatred Makes People Feel Better

The world uses the term “hatred” way to much and blames all of our problems on hatred. Truly evil people are not motivated by hatred when they do horrendous things. Is hatred really to blame for what Nazis did to Jews? Is hatred to blame for what Islamist terrorists do to their victims? A more [...]

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Delta Airline Boots Ann Coulter From Her Seat

The airline industry is abusing customers. Some highlights: United Airlines flight attendants assaulted David Dao. Delta booted a family from an overbooked plane when they refused to give up a seat they bought. Last April, an American Airlines flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on the flight. The industry [...]

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Trump Insiders Scheduled To Testify

Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. are scheduled to testify in front of Congress in the coming days. The subject of their testimony will be about the biggest non-story since aliens failed to land on planet earth in the 1950s. "The Russians Stole My Election" is the great Democratic Party electoral red scare [...]

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No God, No Justice

We often here the refrain “No Justice/No Peace” in chants from young protesters, while they set buildings aflame and otherwise assault innocent standbys. Essentially what they are saying is that if justice is not served as they see fit, they will make sure that peace on the streets of American cities does not exist. One [...]

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Their God is Fear

In the ancient days, followers worshiped their gods. The worship imbued their gods with power. Some of the elites of the human communities below would then harness this power, for their own advantage. For many among the modern American and/or international left, the primary god they worship is fear.  Think about how every policy decision [...]

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