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The NFL Protests And The First Amendment

If anyone tells you the NFL protests are somehow a First Amendment issue, please disabuse them 다운로드. It is not.

This is not the government prohibiting somebody from speaking his mind 다운로드. No government body is imposing or threatening any rule or regulation prohibiting the players kneeling in protest of police violence, racism and inequality bve4 다운로드. The owners, if they had a pair, could control their players, and even fire them for the National Anthem protests. This is no different than if my receptionist at my law firm started talking to my potential and existing clients about his political opinions, how much he resented America, and so on 다운로드. He can’t get arrested, but he can get fired.

That would be true even in a government office 다운로드. I can assure you that if a staffer at the White House told former President Obama, for example, that he should adopt capitalism and not his crazy liberal socialism, and call out radical islam as “radical islam,” he’d be fired on the spot 릴라제로. And that is much more of a public forum than a football field.

The fact there are many cameras on the football players does not change the equation office 2007 sp3(서비스 팩 3). An employer can fire an employee for doing anything that the employer doesn’t want during job hours and before or after. And in this case, the employer/owner certainly has more than enough cause to fire his players, especially if it affects ratings, not that they even need cause 히스토리 보이즈 다운로드.

People will respond by telling you that Trump is getting involved, and therefore that is the “government” interfering with free speech and expression 다운로드. They are wrong. Trump merely expressed his own opinion on a public issue of the day, not ordering anyone to shut up or threaten jail time etc. Remember: he has a right to speak his mind, too 다운로드.

Isn’t comment from the President of The United States the kind of high-profile attention the players wanted when they protested to “bring awareness” to the issue in the first place?

What this all really is is an effort to get rid of the National Anthem altogether, and to dismantle any sense of patriotism.

The NFL is commonly called the “No Fun League” because of their myriad rules, regulations and penalties for all things no matter how minute. It’s revealing of their leftism that the only form of free expression this league allows is that which is purely anti-American.

Remember: the left is always hard at work dismantling all things that make America great.

The NFL has proven their orthodox adherence and affinity for this standard leftist attribute.

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