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What Would America Look Like Without Affirmative Action And The Welfare State

Conservatives always ask “what works?”.

Two liberal democrat policies that do not work are affirmative action and welfare. What would American look like without them?

Eliminating affirmative action and welfare would be a huge improvement to our society. The positive effects would extend to everyone.

Sans affirmative action, the price of college and the size of college classes would immediately drop. Lower demand always equals lower cost. Currently college is overpriced because the demand for education services are artificially inflated by all of the people who get into college with substandard grades because of affirmative action policies PC 바탕 화면 다운로드. With unqualified people out of the college system, the price of education would instantly drop.

This is an especially insidious issue in the top schools like the Ivy League and Stanford/Berkeley. With affirmative action preferences, the top schools wind up jam packed with unqualified affirmative action scholarship students paying no tuition and qualified students from all other sectors paying super inflated tuitions to cover the price of artificially increased demand and to cover the cost of the unqualified student’s scholarship tuition. Repealing affirmative action would result in a roll back from top to bottom of cost and demand that would actually help students at all levels afford college without burdensome and unfordable loans, shrink class size and help lower end colleges fill up with students who are appropriately skilled for the easier coursework they demand.

Because so many unqualified people get into college, the number of people who drop out early is artificially inflated proportionally to the ratio of qualified to unqualified students coming in and because so many can’t afford to finish because of the inflated cost os all those extra students 다운로드. Cutting the cost of college helps the truly competent student finish by putting less of a financial strain on them during their time at school. More qualified students equal more qualified graduates entering the job market which means industry will have an easier job finding more productive and talented people to work at their companies. This in turn will lead to more innovation and a better quality of life for people worldwide who will benefit from the innovations and inventions this talented pool of employees come up with.

The reputation of minority students when they enter the workplace is comprised by affirmative action. Employers know about affirmative action and they also know less in school might be demanded of minorities because of these policies. Thus employers are less likely to hire people they believe are suspect. Then once in the workplace, either because of affirmative action or not, a subtle racism is created and nourished by affirmative action policies in which minority employees are scrutinized for any flaw in their abilities 다운로드. How ironic that the very reason for affirmative action policies is to fight racism when it results in actual racism. Another crowning achievement by intrusive government!

If affirmative action was eliminated none of these horrible things would happen! Instead everyone would be viewed equally based on their qualifications. A student getting an ‘A’ grade from a class would mean the same as everyone else who got an ‘A’ in the same class. No one would question how anyone got into school, got a job or whether they are qualified to perform brain surgery based on the color of their skin or last name.

Imagine how much less strife in campus and in society there would be if many more people on campus were there for the exclusive purpose or studying in order to better themselves 다운로드. Imagine how much more welcome a minority student would feel on campus knowing that he belonged there entirely because of his ability and not because of his skin color. This is what America would to look like without affirmative action.

Welfare programs give negative results for the people they were intended to help.

Because of welfare programs and the myriad of rules that go with them the black family is endangered.

Fatherlessness is an epidemic. The black family was intact through slavery and the Jim Crow era but welfare is destroying it. It’s not just blacks. Recent statistics out of California show the same dynamic is now happening in the Hispanic community 몸에 좋은 남자. Statistics show that fatherlessness is the number one indication a young person will fail in life by struggling with school, crime, drugs and incarceration.

With welfare programs gone, we would see American cities awash in fathers.

Welfare leads necessarily to indolence. Why should people strive to prosper and achieve great things in life if all they have to do to survive is get their check from the government? Especially if the rules that go along with getting that check force you not to work or live in an intact family.

But since people will do what they do and striving is natural, the jobs welfare recipients do engage in are usually off the books or crime related 다운로드. Isn’t it simple to deal drugs for extra cash if you are stuck at home all day anyway as per the rules to collect your money from the government? Drug crime is fueled in two directions by welfare. Both the buying and the selling of drugs because free money also leads to more free spending while boredom leads to people needing to “get away from it all” in their minds. Drugs are the perfect activity for this.

A welfare financed neighborhood filled with drug fueled people is the perfect recipe to have an explosion of crime. Drug dealers fight for turf. Scores are started and settled with shootings that victimize innocent bystanders and addicts rob to feed addiction. All this so that some democrat politician can virtue signal that he’s doing it “for the children” 다운로드.

Speaking of those politicians, think about the corruption that welfare leads to throughout the government. Welfare isn’t a direct payment to one in need, it’s a big business with a lot of bureaucrats, administrators and overhead all of whom are out of a good paying cushy job if welfare were to end or the cycle of dependence in the neighborhood were ever solved. The awful reality is almost no one within government is willing to upset the apple cart and stop the gravy train no matter how many generations of minority citizens and their communities are destroyed.

When all of the synergisms of welfare coalesce, it results in the blight and ghettoization taken as a normal part of inner city life in most American urban areas. Welfare certainly deprives people of the opportunity to succeed by giving them something for nothing with strings attached but it’s all these other horrors that come along with it too 다운로드.

If America would just get rid of these two terrible policy initiatives: affirmative action and welfare almost immediately people would respond by caring about their lives, families and communities again. Families with fathers in the home would abound. Children would grow up feeling safe and happy. Mothers would be in committed relationships with the fathers of their children because they would reap all the positive rewards of monogamy. Churches and participation in church life, faith and community would abound to fill the void for those truly in need after the welfare program is shut down.

Imagine blighted neighborhoods suddenly becoming clean, crime free and well maintained. Imagine gardens and manicured lawns replacing graffiti and foreclosed boarded up crack houses abs download. Imagine urban neighborhoods full of happy children in clean clothes laughing and playing outside because the area is safe. Imagine real estate demand and value skyrocketing. Imagine the fathers in the neighborhood coming home and his children shrieking in delight as he arrives from another productive day at work. Imagine the racial and financial balkanization of cities disappearing and people of all walks of life coming together with a great sense of national pride and community.

Yes, this can be our future if we just choose to seize it because we are resolute in getting rid of a horrible set of policies that hurt so many.

The politicians who talk about “affordable education” would be obsolete because education without affirmative action would immediately become affordable 다운로드. Students would be incentivized to actually get the grades they need to get into a college that would be colorblind in a way it hasn’t been in fifty years.

To end racism, you don’t act racist towards someone else because that’s still just racism. Affirmative action is just racism with a friendly name and a smiling face. When eradicated everyone will benefit from a color blind society.

In closing, if one really wanted to damage minority communities in ways far worse than even Jim Crow or slavery, affirmative action and welfare are the perfect plans to do just that. When you throw in the minimum wage and deprive poor people from being able to have a choice in where they send their kids in the public school system, it’s clear those who promote these policies have devised the political equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction designed to wreck the very people who they purport to help.

America without affirmative action and welfare would be a safer country, a happier country a more prosperous country, a unified country and a much more equal country. In short, American would be within a generation or less of becoming the more perfect union capable of providing the promise of freedom and happiness to so many more people.

It’s clear that affirmative action and welfare don’t work. When they are finally eradicated, America will work that much better.

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