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Violent Islam Is More Dangerous Than The KKK

Violent Islam is more dangerous than the KKK but the Klan receives all the media outrage. Violent Islam murdered scores of people since September 11th 2001. A white supremacist killed one person and injured fourteen about two weeks ago.

The mainstream media gives disproportional attention to the sick underbelly of KKK racism lurking in our midst 자취생키우기 다운로드. They also proscribe that the solution for it is to violently stamp it out wherever it’s seen and heard.

When Islamic terrorists strike the media implores all of us to wait until all the facts come in before jumping to any conclusion and that no motive can be found to explain the horror.

As bad as white supremacism is, it’s important to keep reality in mind. The KKK is a small and essentially harmless fringe group that has almost no real presence in American life.

It’s curious that the KKK didn’t surface at all during Barack Obama’s eight-year presidential term 다운로드. They didn’t show up to support “White Hispanic” George Zimmerman when he shot Trayvon or to defend Ferguson Missouri from the Black Lives Matter rioters who burned the place to a crisp in the wake of Officer Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown.

The KKK didn’t show up in Baltimore to fete the six policemen who helped Freddie Grey die and they didn’t hold an “MMA chokehold” fundraiser for the Staten Island cop that killed illicit “loose” cigarette dealer Eric Garner.

Where were they 오라클 버추얼 박스 다운로드? Inquiring minds want to know.

The KKK inactivity indicates two things: one, that the KKK is incredibly small and unsuccessful band of miscreants. Two, the few people who are KKK members know that showing up in public is not a safe thing to do because the public is full of people who are enthusiastic about physically assaulting them.

The media neglects to report what good news this actually is 게토골드.

There is a violent group that no one does anything about: Islam. There are violent attacks by terrorists in the name of Islam, all the time. Whenever they happen, media only condemns the individual who perpetrated the attack. Then in the same breath the media implores everyone not to judge an entire group because of the actions of one monster. By contrast when the KKK showed up in Charlottesville the entire media culture condemned the entire republican party and white Americans for the actions of a few lunatics, only one of whom actually drove the car over a group of people killing one of them 다운로드.

In the last year alone Islamic inspired terrorists have spilled rivers of blood with shootings, machete hackings, stabbings, truck and car rampages and bombings in all corners of the world. Media never condemns anything about this group even though they have made mass murder a common practice everywhere.

Rhetoric is also a problem. Recently a prominent “moderate” Islamic Imam went on to UC Davis and preached at a campus mosque about annihilating the entire Jewish race. His screed met the very definition of hate speech 항아리맨 다운로드. The media’s reaction was silence. The Imam’s sermon was caught on video and it went viral. The Imam apologized but there was no appropriate outrage on the media that corresponded to how vile his remarks were. Yes, the Imam is free to say what he wants but we are also free to use our good sense to judge what he said against our standards of common decency towards others. Calling for the eradication of the Jews is something that should violate our standards of decent public behavior.

The California Attorney General would likely file hate crime and incitement charges against any church hosting a hate preacher on a college campus 다운로드. By contrast, this Imam has no fear whatsoever of law enforcement prosecution for inciting hatred against Jews on the campus of a public university.


The simple truth is that everyone is afraid of a group of violent people who are members of an ideology with 1.3 billion worldwide adherents. On the other hand the KKK numbers around only 80,000.

So the forces of violent Islam get a wide berth and minimal scrutiny from the media, cultural elites, heads of industry and anyone else who might become a target for destruction by their terrorists 칼리리눅스 메타스플로잇 다운로드.

It’s the numbers, my friends. The numbers.

Ironically, both Islam and the KKK have a lot in common. They both terrorize and intimidate. They both think they are superior to all others but Islamic supremacists have it a whole lot easier. They can kill and intimidate all they want and societies submit to them 워드 2016 다운로드. The host societies obsess over the chimeras of white racism and the KKK while they are subject to real intimidation and conquest from Islamist terrorists. Because the Islamist enjoys the power of massive numbers.

It’s also not because cultural elites look on Islam as a great religion worthy of added respect. Media dandies have absolutely no respect for Christians, Jews or Mormons. The mainstream of our culture has no problem ridiculing Mormons. The creators of South Park even made an abohorrent Broadway musical comedy called “The Book Of Mormon” 다운로드. Clearly the ridicule heaped on the Mormon community isn’t justified since finding a recent violent act of Mormon terrorism is almost impossible. The argument that avoiding ridicule of religious groups rings hollow.

There are many groups that present danger to our civilization along with the KKK and Islamic terrorists. Some are cults. Some are criminal gangs. All are rightly condemned except for violent moslems. Therefore it must be the numbers.

Until our cultural betters find their nerve to stand up to the real haters, real hate will thrive. Meanwhile insignificant groups like the KKK will garner far more attention than their small numbers warrant. True courage means facing real threats like radical islamists who will stop at nothing to subvert our civilization. Pursuing phantom threats like the KKK only serves to enable the real enemies. People like the Riverside Imam are the real problem. Our culture must respond to him with the outrage we have for the KKK.

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