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Busting Tech Trusts

James Damore’s firing from Google was not the end of the tech industry’s tyrannical censorship. Click Here for a Breitbart article by Chris Street on Google’s creepy doubling down on their anti-conservative inquisition 프리바람 다운로드.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are banned from raising money through PayPal. News recently came that Geller was reinstated but Spencer hasn’t been. It’s an attempt to silence leaders of the pro-freedom/anti-jihad movement.

Pro-Trump stars Diamond and Silk had their youtube videos demonetized 잠복근무 다운로드. GAB is blackballed from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The free speech platform and twitter killer was told their content contains pornography. Just one problem: their competitor, twitter, also contains pornography but the mobile app gatekeepers allow twitter to exist in their ecosystems uncensured 다운로드.

Facebook censors and shuts down accounts of pro-American conservative groups yet allows Jew hating and pro-violent Islamic groups like ISIS to post whatever they want. The censorship is always in favor of leftists like AntiFa and ISIS while conservative and pro-American people receive the full the wrath of the high-tech social justice crusade 다운로드.

Freedom of the internet is gone. In a flash the greatest tool for democratizing information was seized by a cabal of leftist tech oligarchs poised to obliterate the standards of the internet to Sharia compliance and whatever the Chinese communist government desires on a given day.

This is not hyperbole. It’s fact. Apple just agreed to modify their standards to comply with Chinese censor boards. Facebook also does this 다운로드. Zuckerberg’s talk about social obligation is just that. All talk. He’s more than willing to sell out American tradition in order to have access to the Chinese market.

This is a dire situation with the tech industry behaving like the horrible railroad, steel and banking Trusts from the turn of the last century 다운로드. They’re omnipotent to destroy any person, product or website that contradicts their pious values even if doing so is harmful to their own business since at least half of their American users are conservatives

There is a simple solution for this. Donald Trump should use his Security and Exchange Commission to suspend the public trading of these company’s stocks and he should use the DOJ to break up these modern tech Trusts until they agree in words and deeds to adhere by the First Amendment 파랑새는 있다 다운로드. It’s fine to act in accordance with the profit motive until it contradicts the values of the free society that allowed you to establish your going concern. As Barak Obama said “you didn’t build that!” Madison, Jefferson and Monroe did!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge proponent of laissez-faire economics but, there comes a point that oversight is required should business trample on American’s rights 무료 음악 듣기 다운로드. The users of these businesses do not surrender their constitutional rights when they log in. These businesses also have a higher obligation to serve the public good because they are publicly traded on major stock exchanges and have become de facto standard portals for modern American public political discourse.

There’s also recent precedent: we have it in Oregon’s decision to punish Sweet Cakes By Melissa when the bakery shop refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding 다운로드. They were hit with fines that drove them out of business. Bear in mind that Sweet Cakes wasn’t a publicly traded company and the victims of any supposed oppressive behavior by the bakery wasn’t nation wide conservative activists deprived of their ability to monetize their labor and spread their ideas. It was two local lesbians who could have easily found another bakery in town.

The First Amendment does not end at the sidewalk’s edge or at the Wi-Fi access point 너굴봇. Uncompetitive behavior is as immoral and illegal today as it was when the Trusts were busted.

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