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Everything’s Global Warming

The left is done with ideas and creativity 다운로드. Leftism is an ideology so devoid of any creative or abstract thinking that all of their rebuttals sound the same.

If you don’t believe in premise “A” the left labels you “B” 다운로드. It’s always totally consistent.

Example: If you don’t believe in global warming, then you are a greedy Nazi corporatist who wants people to die 티비플 동영상 다운로드.

See the pattern?

Another example: If you don’t support reproductive “choice” then you hate women.

Something interesting happens though… 다운로드.

When a conservative engages a leftist in an actual debate, the leftists arguments crumble because infantile tantrums never when arguments 세인츠로우 다운로드. The leftist must then use the only option available short of surrender and changing their ways through the opening of their minds: quickly change the subject fl studio apk download.



You don’t believe in global warming so you are a greedy Nazi.


Of course I don’t Ftp utility download. It’s been proven as a hoax and the scientist have been faking the data. See the proof from the scientists in Australia who were caught manipulating temperature data 다운로드. What kind of real scientist ‘manipulates’ data?


But America is racist.

It’s like playing chess, winning with a checkmate and having your opponent knock all the pieces across the room and scream that they didn’t want to play in the first place 다운로드.

The next part of the leftist debate sleight-of-hand is fake expertise. How many times have we heard them bray about the $15/hour national minimum wage 다운로드? Leftists claim it is what people need as a minimum ‘living’ wage.

How does the leftist know that $15 is what the ‘living wage’ should even be? How does the leftists know whether I can afford to pay it? What life experience has the leftists had that gives them these insights?

The answer is none. They have no experience, have any knowledge of or any insight into every business in our nation works. If the leftists is presented with a counter proposal of a minimum wage of $14.63/hour because it shaves just enough off the top for businesses to be able to afford it and the leftists asks why that amount works instead of $15/hour, our response is “we have no idea and neither do you at $15/hour”. It’s one of those things that absolutely no one knows.

It’s astounding that infantile absolutest thought patterns like these are considered reasoned thought by anybody, let alone the majority of people who run our education industry and news media.

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