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The Real Crony Capitalism

Imagine a world where you can’t think what you want or do what you want without penalty of banishment or death 실비 키우기 1.21 다운로드. You can see it on your mind’s eye right now: North Korea today. The Soviet Union 30 years ago. The world George Orwell created for us in 1984.

In this world the government controls all 다운로드. What you see, think, feel, say. Everything.

We see this world as a dystopian future we spend all of our time and effort preventing. We talk about “slippery slopes” abridging free speech or abortion rights 다운로드. We talk about how bakers must now bake cakes for same-sex weddings in violation of their religious principals. You must celebrate all lifestyles. Or else teamviewer.

But at Google, one of America’s premier progressive technology companies and most forward technologically thinking workplaces, the dystopian future has arrived 인텔 그래픽카드 드라이버 다운로드.

Ironically, they have done it to themselves.

In an effort to be everything progressive, Google’s culture has revealed itself to be among the most regressive and oppressive 원광만세력 다운로드. Wrong-think is not tolerated at Google and truth is not a defense.

Have a viewpoint that diverges from the prevailing progressive leftists orthodoxy 안드로이드 폰트 다운로드? You’ll receive your pink notice and asked to cart your belongs in a banker’s box. They’ll blacklist you from getting jobs at other companies in your industry and community 벚꽃만월. Some have experienced physical assaults — in the workplace itself.

The assaulters and oppressors face no consequences from Google’s management for their behavior and the leftists enforcers enjoy acknowledgement and promotion 다운로드.

No matter how scientifically correct James Damore’s manifesto was or how few people he originally sent it to, Google needed to fire, excommunicate and blacklist Damore from Google and every other like thinking company in silicon valley Uci download.

Google’s CEO said that Damore’s fireable offense was that his memo made some people in the company feel upset. Gee, I guess Google’s managers better not give anyone in the company a negative performance review. I also wonder if they ever imagined that “some people” might have felt upset when Google’s leaders supported left-wing causes like global warming, abortion rights, and gay rights.

Ah… It has to be the right feelings… by the right people.

The Nazi German and Italian fascist crony capitalism systems had government move in and take over companies, or at least ensure they towed the proverbial fascist line. The companies ultimately served the aims and goals of their fascist governments. In fairness, many such companies complied against their will.

But Google did it voluntarily. They did it to themselves.

Leftists who self identify as the staunchest paragons of progressive virtue are supposedly the most robust opposers of everything fascist. Yet they demonize and destroy those they disagree with. Knowingly or not, they become agents of government regulation and control. They become the vicious totalitarian agents from 1984. … They only difference is that they offer you a new Android somewhere in the process.

If and/or when real fascists, God forbid, take control of the American government, having companies like Google pre-succumb to fascist desires will make asserting total control over America that much easier.

We do it to ourselves.


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