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The Narcissism Of Self Identity

Obviously modern America is infested with virtue signaling narcissists 다운로드. They love themselves some themselves.

While self actualization is a wonderful thing, self identity is a wretched habit that leads a society into the hellish pit of ignoring reality 엘리미네이터 카에데상 다운로드. Self actualization means you take all you are blessed with and make the most of yourself in the free society you live in. Your dreams are the limit. Want to be an astronaut, go for it 다운로드. Want to split the atom, be a captain of industry or save people by innovating cures for disease, have at. Self actualization means to make the most of yourself if you pour in the blood, sweat and tears for the good of yourself and the reward of all who benefit from your efforts 표준이력서 다운로드.

On the other hand, to self identify as something is nothing but your petty desire to force people to see you as you like despite either the reality of what you really are and the fact that one has done nothing to earn the designation they desire 지니모션 구글플레이 다운로드.

Self identification is akin to possessing a foul body odor while insisting all around you ignore it and live with it no matter how much agony that it’s causing them 이별길 다운로드.

If you don’t merrily participate in the self identifiers agenda, the cultural gulag is your destination. Let’s prove it:

First reality 다운로드. Bruce Jenner is a man. Over the last two years he has self identified as Caitlyn. When Bruce Jenner identifies as Caitlyn, it does not make it so. If you dare to observe that Caitlyn is a fiction and not a stunning, brave, attractive woman that you (assuming that you are a man) find sexually arousing then you are called “transphobic” 다운로드. In short, if you refuse to take part in the fantasy of the self identifier, you are pilloried because non believers are considered threats to the stability of the cult 안드로이드 위젯 다운로드.

I have observed that the more flimsy an ideology, the more vicious the behavior of those in charge with enforcing belief by the laity 다운로드. Communists brook no descent. Today in Venezuela, as the nation collapses because of nineteen years of socialist rule, the dictator Maduro is calling for thirty year prison sentences for any anti-socialist posts on twitter. If socialism wasn’t so flimsy, draconian methods of enforcement would not be needed to protect it.

The same is true for those engaging in the self identification fantasy.

Caitly is not a woman and all who say this reality must be destroyed and labeled bigots. Ironically, no one in the culture enforcement apparatus asks these alleged bigots if they self identify as bigots before they’re labelled as such.

The worst things about the self identity movement are the denial of reality and the utter laziness of the participants. It allows people to get away with doing absolutely nothing other than to say that others are to see them as they want to be and then live in the fake fantasy world as if this will be forever so. Then with amazing convenience , when the self identifier tires of the role, they simply declare a new one or a modification to the old one.

How simple!

When you build societies on lies, the lies collapse. When the lies collapse, the violent enforcement moves in.

The self identification fantasy land is not harmless. Far from it. It threatens everyone’s freedom. Even the freedom of the self identifier.

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