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Gold from a Silver Mine?

To my mind, Elton John gave us two of the most delicious lines in music:

It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
It’s like trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine

They come to us courtesy of John’s song Honky Cat, from 1974.

I like it not just because the beat is great that goes along with it, but it reflects absurd thinking. And also because it so aptly describes the way liberals look to solve our universal social quandaries: end racism by creating more racism (affirmative action); create a “living wage” for employees by bankrupting the employers (minimum wage) or forcing them to fire those employees. … And just about everything else they propose.

Liberals also want to live in a world with no moral code or judgments but then somehow expect everyone to be good. This position is oblivious to the simple reality that without a moral code, people actually have no real reason to be good in the first place.

We constantly ask our liberal friends why they pursue approaches that clearly defy logic (seeking gold out of a silver mine, as it were) and they can’t give us a clear answer. They also don’t want to ever entertain questions that might disturb their hardened belief that all the good things that they enjoy in society somehow occur naturally and require no maintenance.

However, something miraculous happens when liberals do consider and answer such questions : they become conservative and often find the God centered moral code they spent a lifetime avoiding.
And they questions they ask themselves shouldn’t be hard. Start with the simple ones.

Questions like: “Should we really be looking for gold in this silver mine, guys?”

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