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Religion On The Rise In Russia

Breitbart posted a surprising piece about faith in Russia. Atheism has fallen in Russia by 50% over the last three years. This of course means that people are returning to faith. The major Russian growth in religion is in the participation in the Eastern Orthodox Church Christianity.

Vladmir Putin has been working to restore Russia to greatness as the world power it was during the years of the Soviet Union. During the Soviet years Russia was strictly atheist. Clearly Russians want the greatness that comes with being a world power without imitating every abhorrent attribute of the former tyrannical godless empire of communism.
As we would expect with the increase in adherence to Christianity, anti-semitism is going down, traditional marriage is on the increase and the long term decline in Russian birthrates is recovering.

Good news, my friends. Very good news all around.

After almost a century of atheism and communism, many prominent Russian scholars thought Russia was in a birthrate and moral values death spiral from which it would never recover. But the return to moral virtue that inevitably accompanies the return to faith has reaped positive developments for the future outlook of Russian stability. And all of this has happened in an incredibly short time.

We’ve been arguing for years about the positive things that happen to a society in the wake of the growth of religious faith. Russia proves this. As society involves God in their daily lives more and more, they treat people better, lose ancient hatreds and superstitions and take actions that preserve and protect the family and other building block institutions that make societies function.

And who knows? We might actually becomes friends.


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