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Justice Delayed Became Life Denied

We have a well known saying in the law “justice delayed is justice denied” but just because it’s reached the point of cliché does not lessen it’s truth 다운로드. Charlie Gard is the latest victim of how socialism delays everything in life. Most of the time, these delays range from inconvenient to infuriating. Charlie Gard proves eventually these delays become lethal 다운로드.

Charlie Gard is a baby boy in England born with a rare disease. In England where they have a socialist health care system which makes decisions based on what is good for the state rather than what’s good for an individual citizen, it was determined that it would be best to let Charlie Gard suffer and and die with his disease untreated instead of make every effort and commit every resource to attempt to save his life 다운로드.

In America, we treasure life and believe every individual is precious. In England they believe in treasuring the socialist health care system 다운로드. This means that in America, we rush to save lives. How often do we hear “get yourself screened”? Or “we’re lucky we caught that cancer early” 다운로드? In our country, we understand speed of treatment is crucial in saving lives and we make decisions to go as fast as possible while avoiding unnecessary delays whenever we can 다운로드.

In England, not so much.

Charlie Gard’s parents were prevented from removing him from the hospital that told them they wouldn’t help Charlie 오프라인 성경 다운로드. The hospital then fought the parents in court when Charlie’s mom and dad tried to take him to America for alternative treatments. Next came the slow wheels of justice in the English legal system 다운로드. Judges delayed making decisions for Charlie to leave the country without any concern that as each day past, his chances of survival dropped. Even though the President Of The United States invited Charlie to America for treatment for free, the English hospital and judges still refused without any regard for the fact that Charlie suffered without speedy action 비주얼 스튜디오 2017 커뮤니티. Think about how upside-down this is: a hospital that exists for the specific purpose of providing treatment determines that no treatment can be given then refuses to release the child 다운로드. Then a justice system that exists for the purpose of providing justice agrees with the hospital and allows the hospital to imprison the child and impose a death sentence through neglect and delay.

Luckily in America, when justice is denied in a civil case, the worst that happens is a financial loss. Rarely does death result but in socialist England where life is not held sacred, when citizens suffer a delay of justice, their lives are at stake and many times are lost.

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