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College Professors Find Another Way to Fight “White Hetero-masculinity”

Two feminist college professors have found a new frontier of white man’s oppression: citations. Yes, these two professors have actually published a paper stating that citing information in academic papers is now sexist and oppressive against women.

We would imagine that the well had run dry in terms of how the evil white man keeps people down in the liberal college campus these days. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with new modes of white male hetero normative oppression. After “safe spaces”, the “man spread” and the bathroom entitlement debates,

Wrong. Rutgers University professor Carrie Mott and University of Waterloo professor Daniel Cockayne, have found a new frontier of white man’s evil: citations. Yes, the little quotations that support your claims in academic papers have been the missing link between freedom and oppression on campus all these years.

In their article, published last month in the Feminist Journal of Geography, Mott and Cockayne claim that by citing writers who are “othered by white heteromasculinism” (a wordy way of saying “average white man”), researchers who are anything other than an average white man are being ignored. They are not only being ignored by academia for credit but for jobs and grant money.

Citing someone now is to make a political statement. Before you cite someone, you must research who they have sex with, what color their skin is, and make sure that “Tracy” is really a girl. However, Mott and Cockayne warn that just because someone has a name that could be identified as stereotypically African American, “Jones” for example, don’t assume that they are. That assumption in itself perpetuates racism.

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