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Blaming Hatred Makes People Feel Better

The world uses the term “hatred” way to much and blames all of our problems on hatred. Truly evil people are not motivated by hatred when they do horrendous things.

Is hatred really to blame for what Nazis did to Jews? Is hatred to blame for what Islamist terrorists do to their victims? A more accurate analogue is how vermin infestations are dealt with. When you have cockroaches in your kitchen or termites in your rafters you call the exterminator to eradicate the nest, do you or the exterminator harbor personal animosity towards the offending creatures? Obviously not. You make the call to the termite death squad mobile equipment operator simply because living with the infestation in your home is an untenable situation and the exterminator deploys his tools and chemicals because it’s his job.

In the case of Nazis, hatred does not drive them. They view Jews no differently than a homeowner views termites.

This is why calling what evil tyrants do “hatred” is so misleading. Killing the human beings who offend their ideology by existing is not hatred it is simply what they must do. This truth is much more frightening than simply saying the tyrant murders out of hatred for the victim. The reason is that hatred can be cured. You can change hatred into some other emotion because it is a feeling; a human emotion and thus is flexible when the person receives new information.

If a child hates eating peas. The child hates eating peas because he has either had substandard tasting peas and arrives at the conclusion that all peas offend his taste buds as the substandard peas do or he has never had peas and hates peas only because of a superficial reason but has never actually gotten to know peas one on one by tasting them himself. When the child is exposed to a well prepared dish of peas or tastes quality peas for the first time, the child is immediately able to have a moment of emotional flexibility and realize that his hatred for peas was unwarranted. The child learns that contrary to hating peas he actually loves them and will continue a loving relationship towards peas for the rest of his life. The same is true in the other direction as well. An addict during the depths of a gambling or heroin binge may love his vice but after achieving the clarity of sobriety realizes how much he despises the habit he had an insatiable taste for. Again proving that for the emotion of hate, humans are flexible. Hatred is not something people just do because they do it.

This is what makes fascism and Islamic terrorism so scary. We assume – incorrectly – that these ideologies think of their enemy as human. They do not. We think that they hate the humans the declare to be their enemies. They do not. To these monsters, murdering their enemies is just what must be done.

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