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Recently on the Barak Lurie show, Barak Lurie talked about the recent Hobby Lobby decision, the escalating crisis in Israel and the Middle East in general, and how ObamaCare is running amuck—to no one’s surprise.

Barak also talked about the embarrassments of the left in history and through today, and compares them to those of the right.

Latest News

–The Hobby Lobby Decision

The United States Supreme Court recently came down in favor of Hobby Lobby, a closely held company that sought not to be forced to provide health care that would provide for abortions. Hobby Lobby protested, providing such health care on the grounds that it offended the owner’s religious convictions.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court agreed with Hobby Lobby and found that the ObamaCare provisions that required employers (only closely held companies) to pay for services that would provide abortions is indeed a violation of the First Amendment.

I am pleased with this result. Everyone should be. This should not have ever been a dispute between pro-lifers and pro-choicers. This is about whether the government can impose mandates that interfere with religion, and the very core of who we are. It is telling that virtually no one on the left seems to argue that the Hobby Lobby owners do not have such religious rights.

Yet this is the issue. Those of you on the left may not like the result, but you cannot deny that this is about religious freedom, and not about the conflict between business and government in health care. Or a “War on Women,” as the latest description of the Left goes.

Lost in all this is the fact that the government (the Obama administration in particular) has handed out hundreds, if not thousands, of exemptions to this or that company (closely held or otherwise) from the mandates of ObamaCare 펀드 기준가 다운로드. No, it is somehow that Hobby Lobby has a moral obligation to provide for abortion services for its employees.

And further lost in all this is the extensive amount of contraceptive care Hobby Lobby already provides – just not services for abortion.

We must re-focus the public attention to issues at hand: It goes to the very heart of who we are and what we believe: the government may not interfere with people’s religious sensibilities and to tell them to engage in something they find not only morally repugnant, but sacrilegious.

And there is not distinction – in the Constitution or otherwise – that you must leave your religious sensibilities at the threshold of your house as you leave it. For those of you who believe, you know that you faith extends to every aspect of your lives, including in your businesses.

And bless you for it.

–Three Teenagers in Israel

Sadly, the Israeli army has found the three Israeli boys whom the Palestinian thugs have kidnapped. It turns out the thugs had killed the boys almost immediately after capturing them from the outskirts of the West Bank. I know that all of our hearts cry out and share the pain that these boys’ families must feel.

We are dealing with monsters. I say “monsters” specifically because the entire region appeared to celebrate the capture—and the killing—of these boys 다운로드.

It is not only wrong, but perverted. This is the world that Israel finds itself in the middle of, a world of extraordinary barbarity that beheads innocent civilians, hangs its homosexuals, and demotes its women to almost slave-like status. If you are a minority of any kind (Christian, Jewish, or anything other than Muslim sect that dominates your region), you can expect horrible things. We are seeing that now in Iraq and Syria, as the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (previously known as ISIS) now advances toward Baghdad.

You need virtually nothing more to show that you need to support Israel—the only democracy in the region and the only country that respects and embraces divergent views and cultures. The only one which demands decency, tolerance, and the Rule of Law.

To the three young boys: may you all rest in peace. You did not deserve this.

–ObamaCare in Crisis—Yet Again

More news from the program that “keeps on giving” in the way of scandals and disappointments. This time, the Wall Street Journal has revealed that virtually no one appears to know where the money is going. We are learning that anyone can sign up, even if they are not a citizen or a permanent resident. There is virtually no accountability.

As the Wall Street Journal has recently put it, “virtually no number in ObamaCare is real.” And worse yet, it appears no one is in charge 나이트메어스쿨.

But ObamaCare will keep plodding along because so many still want to believe that it will work. But it never can work, as history has shown that every single policy of the Left has failed. And they have all failed for the same reasons: lack of accountability, lack of concern for the “bottom line,” and opportunities for cronyism and corruption in the vast and vague sea of regulations that no one seems to be able to follow, understand, or control.

It is a hurricane. The kind that no one knows exactly where or how hard it will land. But land it will, and destruction it will cause.

Embarrassments of the Left

All of us can probably identity with this or that group, correct? For example, I’m proud to be from Israel, and to be Jewish. I’m also fiercely proud of being American. These are three identities that I embrace because each of these groups have achieved extraordinary things in history, and they continue to contribute.

Conversely, when any of these groups (Jews, Israelis, or Americans) do something that is shameful, I feel embarrassment. On a lesser scale, we might feel this way about the high school that we attend, especially if the football team has a great season. And perhaps pride in our alma mater college, especially if they win Nobel prizes or discover a medicine.

You got the idea.

Can we say the same idea about the ideas of the politically right or politically left 모바일 웹 파일? For me, part of what led me to conservatism is my belief that conservatives have been on the “winning” or “correct” side of history on the major policy issues, virtually all of the time. By contrast, every time (yes, every time) the Left has pushed a policy against the wishes of the Right, it has failed. And it has been inefficient.

Let’s put aside for the moment whether you like what the liberals advance as ideology. Let’s focus instead on the Left’s history.

–The Eugenics Movement

Margaret Sanger (famed founder of Planned Parenthood) was an avid supporter of the Eugenics Movement. This was the movement that suggested the aborting and sterilization of the weak and “less desirable” in our society (whatever that means). The Left embraced this idea wholeheartedly (back then they were called “Progressives”). The idea was that we as a society would not face as much burden if we eliminated these undesirables, who only drained our collective resources.

An embarrassment? Of course. The liberals no longer believe in this horrific ideology. But it is a very sad part of their past, but you’ll never hear about it. It’s as if they get a “do-over” anytime they want 행 아웃 다운로드.

–Communism and Fascism

The liberals and progressives embraced Communism in the 1910s and 1920s. To them, Communism was the ultimate expression of their beliefs in Social Justice, and Equality for All (again, whatever that might have meant). Never mind that it caused hundreds of millions of people to die by the end of the 20th Century, and upended people’s lives and their very sense of humanity.

The Left also embraced Fascism. This was particularly widespread in the 1920s, particularly regarding Mussolini. Jonah Goldberg documented this very well in his book Liberal Fascism, particularly with regard to Mussolini. The Liberals and Progressives of the time felt that the Constitution and the very notion of individuality, free markets, limited government and democracy were quaint notions of a bygone era. They were once useful, but no longer relevant. The notion of a “command and control” economy became the new ideal.

We know how that movie ended. Are the liberals embarrassed about it? They should be, but as with so man of their policies, they don’t even know their history.

For them, Liberalism is like going into a movie every five minutes, never incorporating anything that happened before it 레이븐 파일. But the movie is indeed playing, and it does have a clear narrative: one of shame, horror, and hypocrisy. Only it’s like a loop, where it just repeats its storyline, each time forgetting the previous reels it had just played.

– Other Embarrassments

It does not stop there. Liberals supported population control, particularly with regard to China’s now notorious “One-Child” policy, which started in 1979. Here came a policy that liberals embraced. While they no longer agreed with China’s Communism, they did envy China’s decision to “take charge” of its allegedly growing population problem. But we now know what the “One Child” policy really wrought: forced abortions, gender selection, and neighbors turning on neighbors, threatening claims of pregnancies so that they can extort personal advantage.

It turns out that the One Child policy is a monstrous policy that “should” defy everything that liberals claim to believe in. But does their previous support of the policy embarrass them? Nope: remember it’s like that movie where whatever you saw before just dissolves away. Or like that new “Snap Chat” app, where someone sends you a photo and it just disappears after 10 seconds 카툰 워즈 버그 판 apk 다운로드.

You see, it’s all about what’s happening now. Whatever happened before is irrelevant to them.

Then there was Global Cooling (before it became global warming), the disastrous development of the public education system that we have today, Roosevelt’s packing of the Supreme Court to advance his New Deal agendas, fighting welfare reform in the 90s (until Bill Clinton embraced it when the Republicans threatened to override him).

Then there was supporting of single motherhood as a equally legitimate and equally good “family.” We now know that the single greatest contributor to crime is fatherlessness. Yet the liberals have no shame in their part in not only increasing crime but contributing to the breakdown of minority families.

Liberals supported the KKK—which my producer Ari David has described as the “terrorist” wing of the Democratic party back in its heyday. Robert Byrd famously recruited for the KKK, and amazingly remained a senator to his dying day. How so? By the ever-dissolving history.

Likewise, the so-called “Jim Crow” laws—these were laws that Democrat cities and states embraced, not Republicans.

It was the Republicans who abolished slavery. Until Lincoln and many decades later, slavery was something that the Democrats had embraced and actually died to keep. It was the liberals and Democrats who supported the Japanese internment camps, and segregation in the 40s and 50s. By contrast, it was Eisenhower (a Republican) who sent in federal troops to enforce de-segregation in the South 다운로드.

There is much more. Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and ObamaCare (yes, that’s right: ObamaCare. It is already an embarrassment and will become only more so as the years progress).

It was the liberals who made sure to undo all the advances and success we achieved in South Vietnam (they voted to defund the South Vietnamese army, ultimately letting the North Vietnamese overrun the South and take over the country). It is now the liberals (the Obama administration) that have done the exact same thing in Iraq, completely exiting the country. We now see the obvious results, where the extremist Islamists are overruning the country. Baghdad is only weeks, if not days, from falling.

Then there’s the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the present IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Veterans Administration scandal, and of course the National Security Administration (NSA) scandal.

All of the above happened not only under the watch of Democratic law-makers (and presidents), but were the direct result of liberal policies and agendas as the liberals/progressives themselves advanced them.

As we argued before, this is precisely because liberal platforms fail to see things through. There are policies that in fact have no grounding, no moral center, no principle or moral compass 다운로드. It’s an “anything goes” mantra that ultimately must contradict itself in an internally cacophonous and destructive way. It’s like that episode in Seinfeld where the characters themselves seem to recognize that their show is a show “about nothing.”

And it is for this reason that no liberal policy—foreign or domestic—has ever worked. Ever.

–Embarrassments of the Right?

The liberal will argue it is only fair to compare to embarrassments of the right. So let’s compare:

You have only two seemingly obvious ones: Watergate, and the Iran Contra scandal. Perhaps we can also throw in that there were (allegedly) no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Then there were phrases such as “mission accomplished” and Bush’s belief that Putin was a decent man by looking at his eyes.

But all three of these so-called “embarrassments” (to the extent that they are even accurate) are not about policy, but rather isolated incidents that have nothing to do with conservative platforms or basic values. It’s not as if conservatives believe in breaking and entering into hotel rooms, or covering up crimes. It is not as if conservatives have a policy to try to get things wrong in intelligence (such as weapons of mass destruction).

The Iran Contra so called “scandal” turns out to be nothing of the sort. In any event, it’s not as if conservatives believe in trading arms for hostages as a platform dude download.

So it begs the question: why is it that there are so few “embarrassments” on the Right, when compared to those on the Left? It is because we believe in limited government, the individual, with a focus on family and God. These are the broad-stroke guiding principles that cause us to be cautious before we embrace any policy. It also leads us to wonder if a policy actually works, before we leap in.

Our own history proves us right. Bigger government leads to inefficiency at best, and devastation at worst. We know all too well what happens when government gets big ideas.

How so? Because we’ve been watching the movie from the very beginning.

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