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Recently, Barak Lurie talked about the impact of the Gaza situation/conflict, atheism, and continued with the embarrassments of the Left.

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Interestingly, they all have a common theme. You’ll see…

–Atheism and Its Discontents

It always fascinated me (and I used to argue this) when an atheist would argue that he cannot accept a God that would allow the Holocaust to happen or for that matter, any of the myriad horrific things we have seen in history. Certainly, humanity’s history contains a lot of bad “stuff.”

So let’s do a thought experiment: let’s imagine a world where God made it impossible for us to engage in murder, let alone something like the Holocaust. In fact, people would be utterly unable to even contemplate killing anyone else.

Do you think that the atheist would then believe? Of course not: in a world without murder (and of course he would not even know what “murder” would even mean, since it just wouldn’t exist), the atheist would then argue that he cannot accept a God that would allow rape and torture 다운로드.

So then you waive your magic wand in the thought experiment once again, and presto: those things are now gone as well. God would make mankind unable to engage in rape and torture, too.

But then that wouldn’t satisfy the atheist, either. He would then complain that we should not have to live in a world where God allows theft, embezzlement, bribery, and corruption. And then if you wiped that away, he would complain that we shouldn’t have to live in a world where God allowed people to be ugly, too short, or more prone to this or that disease 다운로드. Or where bad accidents can happen. Those things would become the new “evil.”

It would finally get to the ridiculous point that “evil” would be anyone who insulted you or gave you a nasty look. The atheist would claim that he could not accept a God that would allow such insults.

Do you see where I’m going with this? The atheist constantly is in “complaining” mode. For him, God can only be real if the world is perfect—whatever that means. But by definition, if you want beauty, you must have ugliness. If you want to embrace things that are “good,” there must be evil.” In order to create, there is usually some destructive process involved (the refrigerator replaced the iceman; the car replaced the horse and buggy; the Internet replaced the music and book industries) fastcopy 한글.

And this is all to say nothing of Free Will. Anyone who has faith understands that Free Will— something an outside force gives to us — implies that we will also be also be able to do bad (even evil) things. Conversely, disengaging our ability to commit evil means that God is disengaging our ability to choose. And choosing is what makes us human in the first place.

The atheist does not think things through.

–Embarrassments of the Left, Continued

We have spoken about how the Left fails to embrace its past, or at least selectively forgets virtually anything that happened immediately before the present bootcamp 드라이버 다운로드. And who can blame them? The Left’s policies have failed utterly, with virtually nothing to be proud of.

As I have stated on the show, virtually none of the Left’s policies have worked (at least the ones that the Republicans have opposed), and every ideology the Left has embraced has been wrong at best, and evil in many circumstances. I gave the examples of Left’s embracing Fascism, Communism, and Eugenics.

But as I recently described, there are many more things to be embarrassed about: the Left embraced the “Occupy Wall Street” movement— at least before it descended into chaos, rapes, and anti-Semitism. The Left pushed and advanced the “stimulus” for the “shovel-ready” jobs that they were sure to flow from the sky. Nothing of the sort happened, and it ended up being a $2 trillion fiasco 영화 재심 다운로드. The Left also embraced the Oil for Food program (a darling idea of the United Nations). It ended up being the single greatest scandal in world history.

That’s right: in history. But this is a policy (and program) that the Left embraced because they believed that its principle purpose was good, and never allowed for the possibility that bad guys might corrupt it. And corrupt it they did, on an unbelievably massive scale. By the end of the day, not only was Germany and Russia “wetting their beaks” and making billions of dollars in the process, but so was the United Nations itself 옛날메이플 다운로드.

And then perhaps the greatest embarrassment: that every single city which Democrats have controlled consistently over time has descended into chaos, or at least into great disarray and disrepair. When you compare these cities to cities conservative ideologies prevailed, you have stories of business development and growth. Just take a look at Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and pre-Giuliani New York City. Compare them to San Diego, Houston, and post-Giuliani New York City.

The Left never has a moment to feel embarrassment. They are too eager to move on to the next policy or program that they feel—this time—will work wonderfully 다운로드.


Israel now has the unfortunate task of responding to the hundreds of rockets Hamas has been firing upon Israel. Hamas has been doing so with the sole purpose of trying to hit highly populated civilian centers. Kindergartens, hospitals, and playgrounds are their ideal targets. So Israel goes in to destroy the tunnels, and get to the source of the rockets.

Israel does so with every effort to avoid civilian casualties. So it warns the Palestinians to leave its intended targets. In response, Hamas encourages (and orders) its citizens to stay in the buildings to maximize the chances that the Israeli soldiers will kill its civilians—ideally, children 다운로드.

To say this is sick is an understatement. Where in the history of warfare has one side actually sought out to maximize devastation to itself? But this is the world we live in.

How can this be? Because Hamas knows that the world’s media pays attention to “innocent” civilians, especially women and children. For Hamas, it is entirely a public relations war. Far more important for them is to ensure that the image of Israel diminishes in the eyes of the world. In the process, they have no problem in losing as many of their own people as they can 안드로이드 카톡 다운로드. Indeed, in their eyes, the more the merrier.

As I have said on the radio show, there can be no starker contrast between good and evil in this world (at least at the present time) than what we see now between Israelis and Hamas. To support Hamas means supporting terrorism and wanton disregard for life.

Remember, Israel seeks only peace with its neighbors. Israel would give up great concessions of land so long as its enemies could assure Israel a stable peace. But for Hamas and Israel’s enemies in general, there is only one goal: the utter destruction of Israel.

There can be no peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors until this mindset changes, and it will never change while the dictators in the Arab world exploit people for their own agendas of power and control 다운로드.

I said before that I would show how these seemingly disparate stories connect. Here’s how: each of them show how not delving deeply into the facts and understanding the wider picture brings about horrible consequences, if not utter destruction. The Left’s embarrassments are not embarrassments to them—since they do not think about them after only a short time passes. But they should own up and account for their past. Likewise, the atheist fails to see the shallowness of his thinking and ignores the realities of what it means to be human – Free Will in particular. Finally, those who might support Hamas clearly have no understanding of the two different cultures involved, nor the immediate cause and effect of the war itself. For Israel, this is a war simply to obtain some level of security. For the enemies of Israel, it is about destroying Israel.

You see, it takes time, energy, and a good degree of intellectual rigor to think these things through. It is not easy. But we must do so, if we are to survive as a civilization.

As I have said, the Gaza situation is not just Israel’s problem. It is a problem coming to a theater near you.

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